Entertainment from the Search Engine Terms

Sometimes I think that the best part of having a blog might just be the search engine terms that people use to get here.

For your entertainment (hey, shouldn’t you be working?) here are some of my recent favorites:

  • “cyclocross i’m getting my ass kicked”
  • “make a planter out of an old chair” (WTF)
  • “how to meet new boyfriend”
  • “why do you taste blood when you work out”
  • “thin transparent speedos”
  • “i’m tired of giving my heart to people”
  • “tank top in deck chair by caravan”
  • “feet crushing animals”
  • “how do you cheat the bod pod” (Actually I get this one all the time.  I think it’s hilarious.)
  • “stone brewery cyclocross” (Yes!!)

I’m sure most of those people are totally disappointed.  I’ll try harder to write interesting posts about thin transparent speedos and tank tops in deck chairs.  No promises about the chair-planter conversions, though.

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  1. I kept a zany blog for many years and at its zenith the search keywords were both absolutely hilarious and frightening. Seeing what people were looking for when they stumbled upon me was part of what caused me to take my site private. People can be such perverts.

  2. Yep – the internets are full of sickos, for sure. I started my first blog in 2001 and kept it private for many years for the same reason.

  3. H-

    ever since the name “dirty pictures” was published for the book title…there’s some interesting folks looking at the blog. Although, i don’t think they stay very long.

  4. How do you cheat the bod pod???

  5. The scariest search engine find for my site was, “who would win between a pit bull and a German Shepherd”… There are some weirdos out there, I may be one of them… :)

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