Equal Prize Money for Female Cyclists: Sign the Petition

This is an official PSA from the Everyday Athlete.  If this were TV, it would be like when the rainbow bars appeared on the screen and that loud tone sounded that was so annoying.  Except it’s not a test, it’s the real-deal.

My friend to the north, Guy Smith (Crossniacs)  tipped me off and I just signed an online petition called "Equal Prize Money for Female Cyclists".  It’s a call for the UCI to award equal prize money for the top five men and women.  I’ve found this inequity outrageous for a long time – it felt good to have a say.

The full content of the petition copy is:

To:  Union Cycliste Internationale (U.C.I.)

We, the undersigned, find it regrettable that there is still a considerable disparity between the UCI minimum prize money for men and women. We understand that because competition in the men’s field is deeper, more places receive prize money. We do not understand why the women who are receiving prize money receive less than their male counterparts. Therefore we propose that the UCI show leadership and mandate equal prize money for the top five men and women. Article 3 of the UCI Constitution states: “The UCI will carry out its activities in compliance with the principles of: a) equality between all the members and all the athletes, license-holders and officials, without racial, political, religious, or other discrimination.” We ask the UCI to honor its commitment to equality.

To sign the petition, please visit this link:


Best wishes,


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