Everyday Elation: Turn Hope into Cash with Plus 3 Network

Here’s what happens when I run.

One foot in front of the other. Heartrate rising. Rampant release of Capital G Goodness into the bloodstream.

Floodgates open. Muted elation. Everyday elation.

Can we have that? Everyday elation?

Do we deserve that?

I think we do.

But it doesn’t just stop at elation. It doesn’t just stop with me.

It’s not just an emotion, a high, a soaring feeling that I keep to myself. It spreads.

It becomes ideas that fill my head, the dropped keys that I stop to pick up later for an elderly woman, the next blog post, the next photograph, the next hand-written letter to a friend.

Something I want to share, show, spell and shout. I have this Everday Elation! I want you to have it too!

It’s the Anti-Despair Medication that keeps me moving forward.

At the end of the day, the endorphin runner’s high is, for me, not just about happiness, joy or energy.

Somehow, it’s about hope.

A feeling that everything is possible, even when the bills are pouring in and the economy can’t drag its way out of the shitter. A feeling that we’ll figure out how to clean up the plastic in the ocean and the pesticides in our soil.  A feeling that our friends with stupid diseases will win their battles and then go on to live amazing and long.

Dismiss sports, competition, activity, movement, recreation if you will – but what happens in those moments of motion and exertion is far more important that a tiny slice of personal glory.

Finding your edges makes impossible things possible. And that feeling stays with you. It grows with you.

And you can use it. In fact, I bet you already are using it.

If you’re not, stop reading, go find your Everyday Elation and figure out how you’re going to use it. Make your art. Write your novel. Take the trip. Reach a hand out. Raise $240,000 for people you don’t even know. Run through the world giving rampant high-fives. Set up your goddam composting pile. Sell your car. Or don’t.

Just go do what you should be doing. And do it right now.

We run and cycle and climb and walk and jump and swing and throw and kick balls for a reason.

And it’s a bigger reason that fitness. It’s a bigger reason than victory.

I’ve known this for a long time, but finally someone took this knowledge and made a literal translation:

Plus 3 Network

How many hundreds of workout-tracking sites exist out there? Too many to count.

They’re all decent, some are even great. But I’m not motivated to use one over the other by anything more than mere convenience. And in the end, what am I tracking? What am I building? A long list of numbers leading nowhere? For what? Even a data-whore like me gets weary of the endless tracking sometimes.

And then I found Plus 3 Network.

It’s utterly simple: Do your activities (even if it’s lifting toddlers or heavy housework), log your time.

Every minute of your activities contributes money directly to the fundraiser that you select from the Plus 3 Network.

This is cool, people. These means your 80 mile bike ride, in addition to making you feel like the Queen of the Known Universe and catapulting your creativity to unimaginable new heights, also raised cold, hard cash for breast cancer.

That rocks.

And it gets at the heart of what we often miss when we get so tied up in splits, victories, PRs and our Own Amazingness.

There is a world out there that is bigger than our epic bike ride, bigger than that blazing tempo workout, bigger than your refreshing swim, bigger than boot camp and free weights and circuit this or high-intensity that.

The satisfaction you get from those things – the sense of well-being, contentment or even elation and hope – are critical to who you are in the world, and how you affect your community.

You need to feel that way. It will keep you alive. It will keep you glowing.

But you also need to figure out what it all means, open your lens and see the bigger picture, dig in and find out how you can use it.

Even if all you do is join Plus 3 and start pumping cash toward worthy causes, I urge you – don’t keep it all to yourself.

Use that power.

Use that joy.

[As with all good things in technology, "There's an app for that!" - Read about the Plus 3 App for iPhone here.]

UPDATE: DailyMile has just set up something similar with Clif Bar and a few stellar charities. You can read about it here.

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  1. lindsey

    WOW. this is awesome. thanks for sharing!

  2. Very cool! I`m jumping on, Thanks for the direction

  3. Yeah, it’s cool, but be careful! I’ve only been doing it for a few months and I’m addicted. Now I can’t wait to get to my computer after a bike ride or a walk so I can add my kudos to the list.

  4. I’m not a runner (bad ankle), but it was a nice read.

    I’ve been using Plus3Network for a few years now. Its a great feeling knowing my cycling miles can benefit strangers. :)

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