Tomorrow is Analog Saturday, so I leave you with a little inspiration to go kill it this weekend….

I hate to plug a big fattie org like Nike, but I can’t help myself.  I’ve said many of these myself at one time or another…


see you Sunday! 

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  1. I love this more every time I see it, and it’ll be looping through my head tomorrow as I go slog through the woods! :D

  2. OK that was really cool.

    Just got back from my 8 mile run. I had some of those thoughts when I was laying in my warm bed when the alarm went off. I’m always glad that I get up. That’s what I remind myself.

    I tried your chocolate pecan shake last night and it was awesome. I toasted the pecans (!!!!!). We usually have chocolate Soy milk in the frig because I buy it for the kids. I never thought of using it for a protein shake until you suggested it.

  3. Just what I needed – that was great. And so true – I have used many of those same excuses this week.

  4. For the last six weeks I have used everyone of them, today I woke up and said enough, and went for a sweet soaking wet 47 mile bike ride in the hills of Rainier, and plan to do the same on Sunday! I know six weeks sucks! but it is on know!
    Thanks for the inspiring words and the video!

  5. That was awesome.

  6. That was good!
    Kind of turns the tables on you, doesn’t it?

  7. Guy,
    It’s been just about six weeks for me off the bike as well :) Sure, I’ve been doing other stuff but, man, it hurt getting back on yesterday. Ouch!

    Toasting the pecans! GENIUS!!!

    I think my favorite excuse in this is “my tummy hurts” :)

  8. That is a great video. I don’t like Nike shoes but their ads are excellent and this may be their best ever.

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