Food Bonanza in Progress

It’s Sunday and today marks our first full week in Arizona. I’m tired, calm, focused, and satisfied. There were a lot of unknowns coming into this experiment and things are working out.  That’s exciting.

In seven days I’ve gotten back to three things that make me energized and balanced: riding, writing, and cooking.

There’s still a lot of work on my plate – 55 hours worth last week – but I’m making time to spin the wheels and fire up the stovetop creativity. This week I plan to share some of the highlights of last week’s kitchen antics:

On deck?

Three recipes:

Pearl barley risotto with white beans and mushrooms.

Curried Carrot Soup

Larb Gai (Also known as Chicken Larb or  Thai Lettuce Wraps)

We also took a little field trip to celebrate the end of a big copywriting project I finished last week… We hit up local eatery Maynard’s Kitchen (recently reviewed by the NYT) and I have a full report complete with photo-documentation prepared.

There was also a crap ton of riding that happened last week – and a 4.5 hour solo ride that is threatening to turn into a story. We’ll see how that goes – in the meantime, get your salivary glands ready. The food – she’s a ‘comin!

Glimmery Crickets,

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  1. Gorgeous food with the threat of some bike riding, I even heard someone mention whiskey a short while back.
    No wonder Grit and Glimmer is my first port of call when I get to teh office in teh morning.

    Grit, Glimmer and coffee. Then, if i feel like it, work.

  2. Food with a chance of riding.
    It sounds like the weather report of my life! :)
    Yum. I’m coffee-ing too right now. Mmm mmm good!

  3. still waiting for that barley risotto recipe. *nudge* *nudge*

  4. It’s on the way – promise!


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