Friday Bicycle Distractions: Revelate Designs, Bakfiet Bonanza and Pretty Pretty Pave

Pave Makes My Heart Pitter Patter

Finally, a nod to my upcoming trip to Spain. This store in Barcelona takes fancy roadie over-designed, over-priced, over-everything to the hilt. And I like it. Oh la la!

I give you, Pave! (via NotCot)



Bakfeit Bonanza

Then there’s this little ditty over at NotCot, which features some of the coolest looking cargo bikes I’ve seen yet. I don’t have kids, but I’m tempted to strap my kitties into the seats on this De Fietsfabriek PackMax Duo just to have an excuse to ride it.


Revelate Designs – Eric Parsons

From the scheming and dreaming department, this may very well be my next step in long-distance touring. I’ve been poking around looking at bikes, bags, trails, maps and potential navigational bliss. Then up comes Core 77 with this bit about Eric Parsons from Revelate Designs (custom bags for crazy-assed adventures). Be still my beating bicycle heart! I love the reference to the “bear spray” compatible compartment – would have been perfect up north of Pemberton during my wee Canadian foray last summer.



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  1. If you thought 50mm carbons were bad in a crosswind – what’s that bag going to be like!!

    P.S. Yeah – i’m in the cats not kids camp.

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