Frischkorn is my New Boyfriend: A Breakaway Sticks!

Don’t tell Sal, ok?

I know I’m a stage or two behind here, but I can’t keep quiet about this one. This is what I love about the tour – why I still love it. It isn’t necessarily the competition for the GC – it’s the smaller dramas like Frischkorn’s that make it magical.

An unknown American breaks away ungodly early. Three other virtually unknown riders go, too. No one cares.

And then, even with race radios, even with all the technology money can buy, it sticks. And four men ride the race of their lives over 202 excruciating kilometers.

I love to watch aggressive riding.

The fact that this move was initiated by an American rider, on a wild card team, who was one of the last to make the cut to go to France, only makes it that much sweeter.

It was hard to watch him lose the stage by half a wheel. Harder still to watch the post-race interview. His disappointment was palpable.

He deserved to win but didn’t. And that’s bike racing. He’s still a hero – his feat is still towering. I’ll remember it as a victory, but I’m not sure he will.

Still, I think we all felt connected to Frischkorn as the stage unfolded. The underdog, the nobody, the nameless American. That could be us, right?

Not really – but you take my point. Will is a guy we could have gone to school with, or raced against at some point. He’s accessible and human and his break made the tour that much more accessible and human.

Neal Rogers said it best in his column yesterday:

On the way out of the pressroom I was talking about how exciting it had been to see Will in the break — the last man chosen on a wildcard team nearly winning the stage — and a journalist jokingly called me a “fan.” That’s not something any reporter wants to hear, particularly from another journalist. But I had to concede the point. Monday was one of those days when I threw all journalistic objectivity out the window. I wanted Will to win, because, above all, I know him, and I like him.

Well done, Will. Bravo.

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  1. I felt the same way during that stage. It was awesome!

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