Game On: And Then There’s Softball


Everything is big right now.  Life is huge and expanding.  Explosive.  On fire.  Pounding, pulsing, pushng.

My work life is as challenging, energizing, and inspiring as it has ever been.  Limitless.

In the face of a week so incredibly professionally taxing, my body has found the point of exhaustion, rejected it, and moved on.  I’m napping strategically and completing tasks while en route to meetings.

And then, on a Saturday afternoon, in a town one hour south, there’s softball.  My arm is twitchy with anticipation, my heart big and ready for the passion that will inevitably flow.  The mindset transition from small-business-owner to left-center-fielder is tricky but not unmanageable. Turn the general-ass-kicking dial from SBO to LCF, lace up the cleats, and dig out a wife-beater.  The rest will follow.

Outfielders, real and proverbial, prepare to be gapped.

Game on.


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