Gather Ye Your Teams! The Pain on the Peak Team Trophy Absolutely Kills

Holy. Crap.

I just got a sneak peak at the Team Trophy that was built for the team competition at Pain on the Peak this coming Saturday. All I’m going to say is that it’s interactive, involves bike parts, and will be madly coveted by all who do not earn it.

Man the troops!  To your battle stations! 

We’ll see you at the Peak.  Be sure to come and find the trophy to have a look when you arrive.  I’m serious – this thing is unbelievable.

Also, Sally just completed the course map and it’s now up online.  Finally, keep your eyes on the Metro section of The Oregonian as there will be some special Pain on the Peak coverage to be had.

Until Pain,

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One comment

  1. OMG! I think the artist who made that thing should make a line of bike art sculptures..he could make some serious bank. That thing is SO SWEET.

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