Give Cycling Caps This Holiday (and BikeCraft 2008 Rocked!)

Here in Portland, we are blessed with a bunch of cool, local cycling cap-makers.  I’m sure everyone has a favorite.  Where to start? Shawn Deller and Little Package are just dreamy when it comes to the cap department.  Sal looks good in them, so I make sure he has a few to throw on the old hat tree at home.

Recently, however, I was on the receiving end of a homemade cap gift.  My buddies over at pdxcross had some team hats made by Rainy Peak Cyclery and bestowed a sweet one on me at the USGP, just after I smashed my head into a tree. (Yes, it did make me feel a little better.)

I have to say, this cap’s a winner!  The four-panel design hugs my little beezer just right and the embroidery option is brilliance!  Aye dios mio, you must get yourself on of these babies post-haste. I’m partial to the “white herringbone with color specs” (whoever picked out my color from pdxcross kinda nailed it!) and  “brown/black” but, whatever you do, just pick your poison and cover your melon.

I got suckered into a couple Little Package hats at BikeCraft on Wednesday.  Caroline kind of cleaned up – selling almost everything she brought!  In fact, it looked like everyone was killing it.  The crowds were phenomenal. Jonathan’s slideshow tells a pretty fantastic story.

It’s too bad they’ll have to find a bigger space next year because the Chocolate Habanero Stout was pretty out of control.  Read Oregonian Beer Writer John Foyston’s review.

P.S. There’s a rumor circulating that there may be a small limited edition run of the pdxcross caps hitting the market some time in the near future.  Keep your eyes peeled!




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  1. The Bike Gallery also sells lovely Rainy Peak wool caps.

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth. That’s good to know!

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