Giving in to Twitter (and a bit of EA history)

Everyone has one social networking device (or twenty) that they’re holding out on, right?

Like, the lovely Shannon of Super Relax is a Facebook holdout. Secretly, I think we’re going to break her soon, but for the moment she has sworn to maintain her coveted not-on-Facebook status.

I’ll be honest with you.  I started blogging in 2001 and my original motivation to set up an account was so that I could infiltrate a community of self-harming, aenorexic teenagers as part of a writing project that I was working on.  I had to have an account to comment, and I had to be able to comment in order to have a conversation with them. In the meantime, I had this place where I could write shit.

That’s really how I saw it:  “Well, crap, I have this place to write shit, I might as well do it.”  I thought blogging was completely stupid and online “communities” made me roll my eyes (hard). I kept my blog a secret from everyone in my real life. But I had a space, so I started writing.

And people started reading.  And then a lot more people started reading.

After two or three years of this, I met some of these people in real life and they remain some of my best friends today.  My original blog was personal, honest, and raw.  I held back little, but wrote in a way that others could relate to.  In my stories, people found some kind of meaning. Or inspiration.  Or entertainment.  Or whatever.

Either way, readers learned a lot about me. The disclosure was disconcerting and I used fake names for my stories and protected my own identity fiercely.

And then I came out.  And here I am.

We can debate the value or non-value of blogs and Facebook and Crapspace and all these social networking utilities until the cows come home, but that would be boring.  You do it your way, I’ll do it mine.

All this to say… I finally gave in to Twitter after a 2.5 year hold out.  It was the status updates on Facebook that finally did it for me.  I really enjoy those.

I still don’t know if Twitter is completely stupid or somehow voyeuristically cool, but for better or worse I’ll be tweeting until A) I get sick of it B) I can’t keep up with it or C) I die.

The minutiae lives here.

Tweet tweet, suckers.

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  1. My blog has languished since Facebook’s status updates. My life has been reduced to tweets! Although really, it’s not interesting enough for the most part to warrant more. Your blog, on the other hand, makes for some good reading! Keep it up!

  2. Meh… tried Twitting for a little bit. Like FB better. Tried the FB/Twitter app and it sucked.

  3. I think Twitter updates and FB updates serve inherently different purposes so I’m bent on keeping them separate :)
    This is super philosophical social networking, yo. ;)

  4. One of the best things about FB status updates is explaining them to someone who’s never been on FB or any social networking sites:

    Guest as Clients party (polishing off a bottle of elderly Scotch): “Let me get this straight…so, people post a little note on this Facebook thing that says ‘Hey, I’m eating a sandwich right now,’ and all their little friends post notes back to it saying stuff like ‘oh, that sounds good right about now’….is that what you’re telling me?”

    Me: “Uh, you have no idea……”

  5. a bit of humor, and perspective, regarding the topic of blogging et al

    and yes, i have several blogs as well!

  6. Great, so now I need a Twitter account that nobody is going to read as well? Crap, when will I ever find time to post on Facebook?

  7. i used to read you at your old blog and fell in love with your style of writing. and YAY twitter. it’s pretty fun.

  8. I’m just happy you’re writing – whenever, wherever you’re writing, it makes me happy and inspires me to make a life worth remembering for myself.

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