Grand Opening! Grit and Glimmer Goes Shopping

For a few years now, I’ve been telling you about stuff I like: recipes, breakfast cereal, restaurants, kick-ass nutrition resources, cycling gear, and everything in between.

I do this because I love finding rad stuff. The world is full of so much crap – I get really excited when I find something that truly shines.  And it gives me the warm fuzzies to be able to share all the shiny stuff.

So, how stoked was I when Open Sky contact me last fall and asked if I wanted to open an online store featuring all of the shiny, fantastic shit that I love to tell you about anyway?

Seriously stoked. Super stoked. All kinds of stoked.

Today I present to you the Grit and Glimmer OpenSky store – a virtual online treasure trove of things I love (most of which I own) and have hand-selected one-by-one to include in my inventory.

Cooking, photography, fitness… it’s all there – and there’s lots, lots more to come.

Why shop at the Grit and Glimmer online store?

You’re probably thinking, “Wait, can’t I get all this stuff online at where I buy everything else?”

Yes, yes you probably can. And even I’ve been guilty of using Amazon for the near-instant gratification of clicking “buy” and seeing my new book/CD/ice-crusher arrive like clockwork just two days later. Amazon will always be there – selling everything under the sun.  There’s nothing we can do about that (and some days, it’s a really nice thing to have around).

So back to the original question? Why my shop?

Because you’ll be supporting this blog. Open Sky splits profits with Shopkeepers 50/50 so if you buy something from the Grit and Glimmer store, you’re putting a few bucks in Mister Bloggy Savings Account. The beauty of the Open Sky system is that they deal with all of the details: suppliers, shipping, logistics, customer service, the works. All I do is tell them what kind of fantastical, amazing stuff to source and then split part of the profits with them. Pow!

Trust that I’m not here to take all your money – and I definitely don’t have plans to get rich by blogging (I didn’t hit my head quite that hard last ‘cross season). I write Grit and Glimmer because I enjoy it – I enjoy the writing, I enjoy the community, I enjoy the conversations, and I enjoy the feedback. I spend a lot more time on it than I probably should, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Opening this store is a way to share the things I love while giving you an easy way to support me and keep G&G chuggin’. If you enjoy the content here and happen to find yourself in need of, say, a big and beautiful VitaMix Blender perfect for making Kitchen Sink Smoothies, consider stopping by Ye Olde Grit and Glimmer Shoppe to pick one up (I heart VitaMix so much it’s kind of scary.).

How you can help

Besides shopping with me, you can help by spreading the word. If you like the blog, share it! If you like a post, tweet about it or share it in your Facebook status. If you buy something from the store and end up loving it, tell a friend!

Over the next week, I’m going to be offering a few incentives to reward the people who read regularly and help spread the Grit & Glimmer lovefest. In the meantime, see that little “share” button down at the bottom of the post? If you put your cursor over that, it will give you a whole host of options for spreading the joy including email, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, StumbleUpon and more.

Also – there’s currently a “Free Shipping” promotion going on when you spend $25 or more. Open Sky does a pretty good job of dishing out the sales (and who doesn’t love a sale?) so I’ll let you know when they pop up.

Show me your junk

So what’s in the shop?

All kinds of stuff!

A Garmin 705 to keep you from getting lost in your own neighborhood (or help you navigate new and unfamiliar cycling routes when you move to Tucson for two months), a completely kick-ass juicer for annihilating beets and tomatoes and everything on the planet, flax seeds and fish oil (yeah, health nerd geek out!), a beer tasting and hop appreciation kit (hell yes!), foam rollers for your sore legs, and a George Foreman grill because a good panini is hard to beat.

There’s more, too. I invite you to go check it out. And, by all means, if you’ve got feedback, I’m all ears. The Open Sky project is still very new and they’re refining, honing, redesigning, rethinking and tweaking every day. I trust these guys to build a platform that I’m proud of and incorporating your feedback is part of the process.

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