Heaven in Vernonia: Coastal Mountain Sport Haus (a yoga and cycling retreat!)

It’s a cycling lodge, a yoga retreat, and a must-see Oregon getaway. I had the pleasure of shooting the Coastal Mountain Sport Haus over in Vernonia, Oregon and – I gotta tell you – I think they’re onto something. Innkeeper (and yoga extraordinaire) Sandy is having a yoga retreat over Halloween weekend – check the details at the bottom of the post!

Picture 138

Run by Glen and Sandy Crinklaw, the Sport Haus is set up to be a cyclist’s heaven with ample room for on and off-road bicycles alike. Busted-up, dirt-encrusted Sidis fill the shoe cubby outside the front door along with garden clogs, rubber boots and tennis shoes. The meadow behind the lodge spreads out in front of you and makes you want to run and run and run and run until you reach the forest’s edge (kid-style).

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Head down to the river and cool your feet off or come in the early fall to catch a herd of Elk grazing in soft morning light amid a low-lying carpet of mist. A golden bicycle (full-size!) lashed to the sign out front ensures that you don’t drive past the little driveway as you’re making your way out for a visit.

This place is truly magical.


Roughly halfway between Portland and the coast, it’s an ideal stop for a long cyclo-touring weekend to see the ocean. Glen knows every logging road like the back of his hand and can spin you an off-road touring journey that will take you to hidden pockets of the coastal range – secret lakes and sweeping vistas.

Picture 137

Sandy is a master in the kitchen and will make sure you’re well-fed and ready for your journey (and if Glen gets to grillin’, well, watch out!). The food is top-notch all the way from homemade granola and cinnamon rolls (and a freshly pulled espresso shot!) to homemade chocolate-raspberry pie for dessert after dinner. I can’t explain how she does it – you have to go eat it to believe it.

Picture 139

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The beds and guest rooms are immaculate with no detail left unattended. Communal bathrooms feature luxurious slate shower stalls with sunflower heads that make you want to sing out loud. The counter-tops are made of reclaimed wood (ask Sandy to tell you the story about that slab, it’s a good one) and the other fixtures and details are ridiculously photo worthy.

Picture 141

When your muscles get sore, you’re in luck! Sandy is a yoga instructor and the two have built a studio in the center of the lodge. During the spring and summer, the glass roll-up garage door opens to give you an uninterrupted view of the meadow as you enjoy your practice.

The lodge was “hot off the press” when I visited earlier this summer and a few details were still being worked out, but Glen and Sandy are now fully operational and ready to accept the cycling-yoga-outdoor-loving masses. Look at ‘em! Aren’t they cute! (You can see the entire gallery of photos here.)

Picture 143

In fact, Sandy still has a few spots left in an upcoming yoga retreat. It’s the same weekend as the infamous Cross Crusade Halloween activities, so I can’t make it but if I wasn’t scheduled to be wreaking havoc on Astoria, it’s definitely where I’d be.

Here are the detes – if you decide to go get stretchy with Sandy and Nina, tell them I sent you!

Weekend Yoga Retreat on the Nehalem River
with Nina Pileggi
October 30, 31 and November 1 2009

Join Nina and a small group of yoga students for a weekend getaway. We will be staying at Sandy Crinklaw’s Coastal Mountain Sport Haus, located near Mist, Oregon just 50 short miles from Beaverton. All levels of students are welcome to join us at the retreat.

The cost of the retreat includes six meals (dinner Friday evening through lunch Sunday morning), eight hours of yoga instruction and lodging in the bunk room. A limited number of semi-private rooms are available for an additional $50 for the weekend. We will help you to arrange carpooling to the retreat. During the ample free time you can sit and read on the porch, hike around the property, visit Vernonia, or visit with fellow yoga students.

Nina Pileggi is the founder and director of Sunset Yoga Center in Beaverton, Oregon and an Intermediate Junior I Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor. She has been practicing yoga since 1996 and has taught yoga for over ten years.

Dates and times of the yoga classes:

Friday October 30th, 5:00 – 7:00 (dinner following)
Saturday October 31th, 9:30 – 11:30am, 4:00 – 6:00pm
Sunday November, 9:00 – 11:00am (lunch following)

The cost of the workshop, lodging in the bunkhouse, and meals is $350 (inclusive of all taxes and room fees). Add $50 for a semi-private room for a total of $400. To register, send a $75 non-refundable deposit to Sunset Yoga Center, 10200 SW Eastridge St. #125 Portland, OR 97225.

Space is limited!

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  1. Woo! Go Glen and Sandy! They are great people and its awesome to see their place finished. We checked it out last year when they were still building and its truly beautiful!

  2. Heidi:
    Excellent post. Beautiful photos. Nice seeing you at Alpenrose, I like the blonde.

    take care

  3. Wow, you really captured the magic of the place with those photos. Absolutely stunning.

  4. Way to go, Glen and Sandy! Just a little history…Sandy and I were high school cheerleaders together back in the early 70s. Just goes to show that if you hate a cheerleader, it’s your loss…you are missing out on some very cool people!! :o)

  5. Miss Snarkypants–
    Soon we will have another bike out front, my first and only bike as a child, a Montgomery Wards Stringray, with a lepard skin, plether seat. Remarkably the seat is still in pretty good shape, our neighbors had it stored in there barn for years. It is gold with chrome fenders. One of Glen’s winter projects will be to repaint and mount it out front. So now you have two blasts from my past.

  6. Snarkypants, the only photos I have of Sandy and myself are in our Vernonia High year book, the Memolog from 1973. If I scan it, how would I get it to you? Sandy, sorry, it was bound to get out sooner or later…also Miss Sandy, take photos before and after of your bike…please?

  7. Oh goodness, if you can scan it, it will likely come through email. You can send it off to heidiswift [at] gmail [dot] com. If you can’t scan it, well, I do make house calls.
    Sandy – you’re in for it!

  8. Gayle & Sandy… you two are the best! (I always LOVED the cheerleaders) I just want to say, my husband and I have visited Glen & Sandy at their BEAUTIFUL Lodge!!! We enjoyed a delecious breakfast and a very relaxing walk by the river. PEACEFUL and a suggested stop on your travels.

  9. Totally makes me want to go! Where can I sign up?

  10. Deanna,
    Just give us a call and book a weekend, we’ll take care of the rest or better yet get a group of friends together and come on out. You can either ride out from Portland on your road bikes or grab your mountain or ccbike and drive on out. We would love to have you.

  11. Sue Fisher

    Hi Sandy,

    The kids definitely have an interest in your location for their wedding. Questions they have are cost, availability of chairs, tables, parking, etc.
    Just wondering if you are available tomorrow? Ryan flies out at 10 am and thought Kristianna and i could come up to visit. The kids are here for dinner tonight, so if we connect via email, I will let them know.
    Sent my $$ and registration in for next Sumday. Looking forward to going.

  12. Lynn Feinstein

    I love the “American Gothic” influenced photo of the couple. Thanks so much for discovering this place! I am bookmarking it for a future biking/yoga adventure!

  13. Sima Nasseri

    I just came back from a weekend yoga retreat at coastal mountain sport haus.
    I cannot find words to describe my experience. A wonderful unique resort with phenomenal housekeeping. Sandy and Glenn treated us as their personal guests with excellent homemade food. their warm , pleasant , and generous personality added to the joy of the moments and made us truly feel at home. The sight is extraordinarily beautiful and calming. We went for a hike with Glenn and picked mushrooms.
    Above all Nina’s yoga classes added to the charm of the stay.
    I am so glad I could make it.
    Thank you so much Sandy and Glenn

  14. Hi: I just saw the Coastal Mtn Sport Haus on the Today Show. I tried to view the web site, but got an “out of service” message. I just want to wish Coastal Mtn Sport Huas the best of luck! :^)

  15. Mooney,
    Sorry the website gave you the above message, it might have been because of the hits it was taking. We have to say that thanks to Heidi’s artistic eye we have caught and captured the media. If you haven’t seen the Travel & Leisure Article, June 2011 edition Coastal Mountain Sport Haus is the featured Inn of the Month, with Heidi’s photo’s helping to convey the essence of who we are. She slayed them with the photo of the cinnamon rolls.

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