Hey! I found the proof! It was in the pudding! (P90X Progress Update)

If there’s one thing I know for sure, I am a big old sucker for data.


Tracking achievement in quantifiable terms is ridiculously motivating.

Today, at my second body composition test, the numbers gave me valuable data for moving forward – and provided a huge motivational boost. 

Of course, it’s not only about numbers – for the past 3.5 weeks I have noticed a feeling of increased energy, heightened clarity, and a sharpening of focus. I’ve felt better than I ever have before.

But I’ve also seen my weights increase with each workout. 

I started out curling 15 pound dumbbells with each arm and I’m now curling 25s. 

Three and a half weeks ago I maxed out at 37 pushups at a single go and today I can do 50+.  I knew that it was working when Sal and I hit the 24 Hour together last Saturday and I rocked out more than 100 pullups across 8 sets on the free bar with him on the foot assist.  (Assist or no, that amount of pullups will destroy anyone.)

Watching the reps and weight increase across all my workouts is  exhilarating and energizing.  And it wouldn’t be possible if I hadn’t taken the time to write everything down.  That small step alone can save you from the boredom that sometimes ensues with any workout program. 

And, at the end of the day, I am doing this all in the name of efficiency.  Efficiency of body and mind.  Basically, if I can convert fat (which isn’t helping any of my athletic pursuits) into muscle (which will), I can jack my efficiency through the ceiling.

And that will lead to performance results, no matter how I choose to apply the fitness. 

So when the numbers came in today, a little surge of adrenaline rushed through me:

After 3.5 weeks of grueling, ass-kicking, muscles-searing interval and weight workouts, here is what I’ve accomplished:

  • 8.5 pounds fat lost
  • 4.5 pounds total weight loss
  • Bodyfat lowered by 4-5%  (Initial measurement was 22.5%, this morning’s was 17.1%.  I personally don’t think it’s possible to change your bodyfat by 5% in four weeks, so I believe that either my initial measurement was high by a percent, or today’s measurement was low by 1%, or both.  There is a 1.5% margin of error with the bod pod, so this is totally possible.  Does it matter?  Not at all.  The point is, what I’m doing is working and I’m headed in the right direction.  That’s all I need to know.)

Whatever the case, knowing that this test was around the corner really helped me stay focused on my long-term goals during those tempting holiday feasts.  Not to worry, I certainly indulged in all my favorites, I simply didn’t over-indulge.  And I kept my other meals super clean and super, super lean, to compensate for the deep-fried rice balls and canoli.

I’m in a "rest week" right now, which consists of yoga, core synergistics, kenpo cardio and stretching.  Next week starts week 5, which is meant to crank the dial up from "hard’ to "beg for mercy".

I’m going to mix 3 additional cardio workouts into month 2 in order to start training on the bike.  This means I’ll have three double-days per week.  If my immune system can hang, I’ll integrate a 4th additional cardio workout into weeks 9-12. 

Questions about P90X?  Feel free to drop a comment or email.




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  1. Congrats! What’s P90X?

  2. Great question! I dropped a link in (above) but basically it’s a home workout program (with all the uber-cheesy trappings that usually put me off).

    The main difference I’ve seen so far is that this is truly a “good to great” program. It’s for people who are already fit to take it to the next level.

    I chose it this year as my off-season training plan of attack! This fellow here is a very serious cyclist who did the same thing one year. I bought the program after reading his review and several others. His comments about trying to complete the program while also getting in winter training miles are very interesting, and I’m curious to see how this goes for me.

  3. Jon Wasserman


    Spirit og Cross Contest
    Cyclocross Magazine
    First Place – Anne Rock of PA
    Santa, CXM, and Redline present her with a brand new Redline Conquest Pro Frame/Fork

    Second Place – Heidi Swift of OR
    She’ll be tearing up the dirt and grass with Hutchinson’s new Bulldog Cyclocross Tires

    Third Place – James McNeely of MD
    He’ll be styling in Axley Eyewear

  4. Congratulations lady!!! Basically at your goal in 3.5 weeks though? You’re going to have to get a little lazier, or start choosing much more lofty goals. You’re just too freakin’ awesome at everything you do!

  5. Holy cow girl, that’s amazing! I’m sad I wasn’t there to see the excitement ;)

  6. Way to go Heidi.

    I just finished week 1. These workouts are hard core, especially the Chest/Back. Oh my, I think I have the upper body strength of a 7th grade computer nerd. It’s good to feel sore in muscle I don’t typically use on the bike.

    Here’s to a great new year and being able to look good in our skinsuits!

  7. Wow, that is incredible! Way to go on the P90x system.

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