“Hey, What Bike are You Wearing Tonight?”

I’ve turned a corner.

I really am becoming one of them.  A bike person.  A weird bike nerd.  This is how I know.

I have bike girlfriends now.  They are girlfriends I love and know off of the bike as well, but we either met on a bike, or we talk about bikes 90% of the time… or both. 

We plan bike dates and invite each other out to group cycling events.  We debate about which energy products taste better.  "Oh my goddddddd, the Black Cherry Shot Blox are to-die-for . Have you tried them yet?!"

Sometimes, when we are not sure what is appropriate, we text each other beforehand:  "Hey, what bike are you riding tonight?"

And then we go on to debate what might be best.  "I’m throwing slicks on my ‘cross frame."  or  "I can’t decide between the Pinarello or the LeMond."  or "What is everybody else riding?"

We have bike tailors who fit our expensive bikes to our weird bodies (Ok, maybe I’m the only one with a weird body.  My bike tailor tells me I’m off-center.  He’s never seen anything quite like it.  More on that after Bike Fitting Part Two tomorrow at 10:00am).

We send each other virtual cycling Christmas cards, like this one from Specialized.  (Tchaikovsky’s "The Nutcracker Suite" performed entirely on bicycle parts) and links to expensive cycling apparel like Rapha.  We could care less if you got the latest Hermes bag that has been back-ordered since before it was designed, but if you roll up to a ride in Rapha leggings we are all thinking, "You bitch."

I have been assimilated.  For better or worse, I am a full-on Cycling Whore.  My fate is sealed.  My posse rolls complete.  I succumb.



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  1. More beautiful cycling clothing to drool over:


    And man when I reach some of the goals that I have, nutrition and fitness-wise, YOU CAN BET that I will be pinching pennies (even if I am an impoverished PhD student) for that gorgeous etxe ondo clothing.

    As for the Rapha–the softshell jackets with the off-center zippers are totally hott. TOTALLY hott.

  2. Ah, yes, you’re a member of the Exte set!
    I’m not a fan of Exte but it’s just personal preference. I know several people who live and die by their stuff. Everything fits people different and we all have weird little personal quibbles over seams and embellishments and details. See, shit like that is how we know we’re cycling whores. :)
    The Rapha construction is impeccable and their service astounding. They’ll even take something back if you wear it into the ground and try to fix it for you. Also, their gift-wrap option this year is some of the classiest I’ve ever seen from any vendor – cycling apparel or luxury fashion apparel included.
    Oh mama mama.

  3. Hmm, I will have to keep in mind the Rapha. Customer service like that–replacing shit–is king supreme in my book.

    My big cycling thing for clothing now is the Terry Cycles appearel. It’s just that their sizing fits with my weird, torso-less body in the shape it is now (and it fit when I was a bit bigger a year ago). Granted–I’m still A Bit Of A WussyPants and I am with falling down and my bike (I Have Gots To Get Me A Posse And Get That Support That I Need)–but cycling gear is actually v. necessary in a spinning class. The dry wicking and the Significant Lack Of Chafe with good seaming when you’re on that saddle–really important. Especially if you like to take your spinning classes 2 in a row.

    And last night, my first night back in class, though I killed it significantly, my ass indeed got served to me in a very hardcore sort of way. Sort of Poetic (notice the capital P) to have my ass served to me on the day I absolutely complete my writing class by submitting my students’ grades. But I’ve got that nice strain in my glutes that makes me feel alive more than anything else and a little boppy smile on my face and my Bailey Works stuffed to the gills with gym clothes. Today I get back to intervals! And strength training! And my lovely gym routine! And it makes me smile smile smile.

    I got a bit daring. I asked my parents for a road bike for Christmas. Well–I gave them options–the Terry Symmetry I want (it’s on sale! They make them short enough for weird, torso-less, short curvy Greek girls like me!!!), or a bicycle vacation through Maryland’s Eastern Shores region, or a huge-ass block of already-paid for personal training sessions at my gym and a huge-ass block of already-paid-for massage sessions at my gym and a gift certificate for the expensive sneaker store in Cambridge that will recommend sneakers based on the fit to your feet (and me: Mt. Everest-high arches, overly structured and narrow heel, wide up by the toes, suppinate. Difficult!).

    I like the exte ondo. So pretty. It’s part of my fitness visualization–seeing myself on a road bike, fearless and at long distances, wearing super-pretty gear. I have images of myself in the shorter term on a Terry Symmetry and in the longer term on a custom-built Seven. And as hokey as it may seem, I see myself riding a bike like that through the heartland of America, extending from Columbia Missouri where I hope beyond all effin’ hell to get into PhD program…

  4. Emily Moon

    My mountain bike is red
    My cross bike is blue
    Much like my skin
    After racing against YOU!!

    Ha…..I am a total addict to cycling as well. I realized that I was a bike freak when a pal of mine came to visit me for a weekend from back home and he politely asked if there was anything else to talk about than bikes. My response was simply…no.
    I love that we love bikes and I love that I have you as a biking bitch.
    Miss Moon

  5. I think we need a bike-girl party. Since cross has ended, I haven’t seen anyone in a while.

    I knew I was a bike nerd when: I thought “well, I’m only planning on buying 2 bikes next year, maybe I can squeeze in another mountain bike…” (!?!?!?)

    My bike fashion moment: I discovered Terry makes their leggings in tall. Finally, I will have warm ankles!

  6. Now I now what it is, you have filled the void with your every day ramble`s, albeit most of the time very informative, and I like the relation to cycling! but every time I read it is like a lost episode of my beloved Seinfeld show !

    I really like the SOLO products.

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