Holy Alpenrose.

Let us speak plainly.

The race did not go as planned.

Buried on the start line despite my early arrival.  4o-something headed into the single track.

Are you kidding me?

It’s my own fault.  I battled and battled to pull back positions.  Faster on every lap.  I lost this effort from the gun.  Line up early. Line up bitchy.  Line up in front.  You hear me?

17th out of 50 in the B field.  Hardly respectable, but the best I could do for today. I’ll be back, suckers.  I’ll. Be. Back.


Sierra C. came out and represented hard core, despite 5 chain drops.  Lindsay delivered with a 6th place and Abby Jenkins?  Let’s just say that Abby won the B field on a single speed.

My new hero?  Maybe.

I passed beginner after beginner, encouraging as I went. Our own Britt hollered back as I remounted after barriers.  Shes a warrior and a queen.  Traci D eluded my chase and held her own in a a huge field.

We rallied, represented, and raged.

I hate Alpenrose.  I hate it.  Vehemently.

But ErikV came through the field and I unleashed the man-yell, embarrassing him thoroughly.  Here is my family in the rain.  Here is my family in the mud.  I hollered enough to drown out my cowbell.  I screamed, “Portland Velo loves Kevin Hulick!” and Mr. Huklick waved.  I screamed, “Happiness is Overflowing!!” and the A super relaxer waved.

It rained and rained and rained and rained and we smiled and sang and screamed.

I love you.  I  love this.

This is cross.


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  1. Now that was a party! And it was even better than I expected. Now that’s saying something!

    17th – not bad! And now you have something to aim for next week.

  2. Thanks, Erik :)
    I was actually sort of surprised and a little pleased with the result. When I came through Lap 2 Sal was screaming that I was in 25th so I did some good chasin’. But Alpenrose is still my nemesis. Stupid course.

  3. Oh stop complaining. It was perfect– rain and mud. :)

  4. Brian – better than if it had been dry, true. But still stupid Alpenrose.

  5. Thanks for the yells.
    The Portland Velo Tent was the best cheering section I had on the whole course.
    You guys rock!

  6. Kevin,

    Please apologize to your teamate (I think it was Solomon?) for me. I saw a blond blur go by in a Vanilla kit on a white bike and screamed “GO MOLLY” like twice before someone said that there wasn’t any leg tatoo’s under the mud. my bad :(

  7. I’m not a big fan of Alpenrose myself, other than it being close… Don’t get me wrong, I had a blast yesterday, but Alpenrose is my course nemesis… It’s always one thing or another… Yesterday it was a poor start (I was all.the.way.in.the.back) and a loose stem that resulted in wheel going left and handlebars going right… last year it was a dented rim, etc…

    Yesterday was fun though, and I will keep coming back for more at Alpenrose each year.

  8. Dude, you know the plan for next weekend. Bungee cord your ass to my wheel at the start and keep those elbows out…

  9. Lindsay. Yes! But really I just need to HTFU, right?

  10. Guy Smith

    HTFU! It`s on my right arm! You raced a great race, looked strong over the barriers! I missed out…

  11. Lovely post :-) Really makes me want to build up a cross bike and give the cross races in Barcelona a whirl !

  12. You guys are complaining about ALPENROSE? Oh man, that is one of the best courses, ever. Do I sense a little “i’m just outa shape blame it on the course” ?

  13. Nice try, C. Alpenrose is kind of a love it or hate it type of course. I hate it.
    I love Barlow. Barlow comes before Alpenrose – it’s not about shape. I felt great on both courses, just had way more fun at Barlow.
    But if it makes you feel better then sure, whatever floats your boat. :)

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