How to Track Every Second of the 2009 Tour de France

I asked the Twitterverse yesterday how they would be following the Big Yellow Race in France.  Most are watching live in the morning, “sneaking” streaming or live updates at work, or DVR-ing the crap out of it and then trying to avoid hearing spoilers all day long.

I used to be in the DVR/hiding category and, let me tell you, it’s a tough road.  When someone accidentally tells you who won the day’s stage, it’s potentially relationship ending.  For all of you going that route, my thoughts are with you (and you should know that this blog will probably be full of spoilers by 1pm on any given day).

Now, to the resources.

Where to Watch on TV

In the US: Versus.  You already knew this.

Go here for the full schedule. Use the channel finder in the right hand column to determine your channel. has compiled information for international viewing schedules and options – this list is incredible!

Where to Watch Online

This was a little tricky to nail down, but here are some good resources.

  1. SBS will be streaming:
  2. will update daily with information on where to find the best live streams.
  3. is always a good bet.
  4. looks promising

Standard Issue Coverage

  1. VeloNews TdF Coverage
  2. TdF Coverage

Blogs and Columns to Follow

  1. See Bike Hugger’s Top Ten List of Blogs to Follow for the Tour de France
  2. I think Chris Henry’s column at Road Bike Action Magazine will be good.

Twitter for General News

  1. #tourdefrance hashtag feed
  2. #tdf hashtag feed
  3. CyclingFans
  4. VeloNews
  5. Tour de Fance account
  6. Bicycling Mag

Twitter People

  1. Lance Armstrong
  2. Levi Leipheimer
  3. Mick Rogers
  4. George Hincapie
  5. David Zabriskie
  6. Christian Vande Velde
  7. Cadel Evans
  8. Andy Schleck
  9. Phil Liggett (I heart Philly-pants!)
  10. Paul Sherwen
  11. Johan Bruyneel
  12. Neil Brown (from ROAD mag)

Twitter from Teams

  1. Team Astana
  2. Team Columbia-HTC
  3. Garmin-Slipstream
  4. Cervelo Test Team

Other Good Resources for Pro Cycling on Twitter

Not necessarily related to the Tour.

  1. List of top pros on Twitter at Bicycle Frenzy
  2. Pro Cycling on Twitter: 48 Cyclists Who Aren’t Lance Armstrong (from Mashable)
  3. Big-assed list of Bike Tweeters – industry folk, racers, bloggers, journos, you-name-it… from
  4. Feed of Big Names in Cycling on Twitter

Have a good resource not listed here? Leave it in the comments!

This was a pretty quick pull of information so I’m sure I’ve missed some good stuff.  Let me know and I’ll update as we go along.  As the tour progresses, we’ll see who’s really killin’ it with the coverage over there.

It’s almost here!!!

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  1. You forgot BOBKE! Bob Roll is on Twitter..I dont know if he’ll be posting during the TdF though.

    • Miriam – do you know the account name? I can’t find it. I feel like I followed him once and he never updates or something…

  2. @Cycling_Chef

    Great summary! Here are a few other VIP cycling tweeps to follow on Twitter: @levileipheimer @paulsherwen @philliggett @andy_schleck @cadelofficial

    • Thanks! I checked Levi’s this morning and it appeared to be all shut down.
      Thanks for the others – I’ll update the list!

  3. Great TdF resource article. Thanks for all the hard work. I will have versus HD by this evening, can’t wait. Here’s Bobke

  4. Got to shout out to my man David at the FredCast. When I was a grad student, I couldn’t afford cable, much less Versus, which costs extra ’round here. One year I followed almost an entire Tour by tuning in to his excellent wrap-ups/interviews the day after each stage. (Yes, my riding buds still respected me.)

  5. @bobkeroll and Allen Lim, he’s been involved with Slipstream, @allencolim

  6. Beware Velonews is tweeting results.

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