Humility in Doses

It’s safe to say that Molly Cameron is the sole reason that Sal and I are the ‘cross fanatics that we are.  She probably doesn’t know this, but it’s true.

In 2006 I started reading her blog and eventually gave into the intrigue.  It was the first place I’d read the word “cyclocross”.  It was the first place I’d been exposed to such a strangely accessible brand of utter pro-ness.  Molly is fast.  And funny.  And nice.

Over the years, I’ve had a few chances to meet and chat with Molly.  Despite her Local Hero status, she’s super down to earth and extremely generous with her knowledge. The starstruck thing has passed for me, but I still found myself nervous this past Tuesday when I attended a small, private ‘cross clinic with her.  (PS – the clinic killed.  If you can pull a group of 10-15 together, contact Upper Echelon Fitness and Russell Cree can help you organize one of your very own.)

In a moment that I never really believed would ever come to pass, I found myself approaching a barrier with Molly Cameron, Kevin Hulick, and Russell Cree watching intently.

Molly Cameron!  Observing my execution over the barriers!  Me!

I lost my cool.

“They’re watching.  Look good!  Look fast!  Look competent at least!” I told myself.

What I did instead was fail to lift my bike high enough coming into the second barrier. The front tire made impact and my momentum took me down in a huge blaze of glory.  Ass over tea-kettle.  All. The. Way.  Down.

So what do you do when you are laying on your back with your bike in the air and your original cyclocross hero standing 8 feet away?

You laugh.  It’s the only option.

Molly was trying not to laugh (Russell, incidentally, was making no such effort) but when I said, “I just got so excited!!” she could no longer control it and put a hand over her mouth before letting it rip.  The pack of my teammates just behind me followed suit.

I stayed on the ground for a while to enjoy the sweet, sweet rush of embarrassment that followed.

Private ‘cross clinic: $30
Fancy-assed Sidi ‘cross shoes: $220
Carbon Veloforma ‘cross bike: $3000
Eating *** on a practice barrier in front of Molly Cameron and Kevin Hulick:  Priceless

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  1. Thats a good story, and you are exactly right. The only other option is to fake an injury.

  2. Hot damn, the same thing happened to me at a Molly clinic last year. We were practicing shouldering and I literally got stuck in my bike. F-in full on stuck. I will demonstrate the next time we are sharing beers.

  3. I saw someone bite it from the other side of the course. I heard “I just got so excited” from like 25 yards away.. it was so cute :)

  4. You are so stinkin’ adorable.

  5. Actually, I waited a brief moment to see if you were OK, then started laughing. What could we do? You handled it well. Nice story.

    See you tonight at Lucky Lab.


  6. ooof. where were the guys at for that spill. : ) love your writing.

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