Hup Hup: All Aboard the Washington Train!

Team Bobo is headed north this weekend for some good old Washington style racing.  I have wanted to race Starcrossed ever since I first read about it on Molly Cameron’s blog so long ago.  As a Seattle native, I’m proud that there is such a kick-ass rockstar race in my old stomping grounds.

So what if there are, like, 70 people in my field?  So what if that’s the biggest damn field I’ve ever raced in?  (Ok, Alpenrose last year may have been close).  It’s Seattle!  It’s Starcrossed!  Let’s have fun and smile a lot.  Let’s not get nervous and puke.  No sir.

Then on Sunday, let’s get up real early and race in Steilacoom Park and go up the run-up of death, just for shits and giggles.

Yes.  Let’s do that!

I keep reminding myself that the more I race, the easier it gets.  Or something like that.  I keep reminding myself that every race is making sweet sweet love to my new Veloforma.  Or something like that.

Love hurts, right?

Sal is home but I am considering making him sleep on the couch so I can sleep with the VF again.  He of all people should understand.

Actually, I’m a big liar.  A gigantic liar.  I plan to snuggle that Sicilian like there’s no tomorrow.  I sleep like shit when he’s out of town and I am ready to get some good, quality shut-eye for a change.  I’m whooped, man.  Exhausted.

Here’s to road trips and ginormous 3/4 fields in big season-opener style races.  I may be slow, but goddamit, I dream fast.  That counts, right?



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  1. go kill it lady!
    I’ll be thinking of you :)


  2. Good luck up there. That bike should get you a podium spot.

  3. Nice race just checked the stats on cyclingnews!

  4. We had way too much fun drinking w/you and Sal post race…see ya tomorrow night in Vegas!

  5. It totally counts!

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