In the News: Compton Prepares to Crush, Powers Reads the NYT

Reader and general ass-kicker Ed Rowell sent me this article about Katie Compton last week.  Worlds is upon us and Katie represents a great hope for U.S. Cyclocross.  She has been an unimaginable force since emerging onto the scene. 

Her power is impressive.  Her determination admirable.

When I first became interested in cyclocross, I watched the following video over and over again, trying to learn as much as possible about her aggressive form on the bike.  I liked the way she rode in the drops. 

She seemed to press forward with an explosive posture.  The most miraculous part about this video is that Compton started this race buried in the fifth row and fought back to win it. I can’t even begin to tell you how hard that is to do!

I’ll be thinking about her this weekend.

I’ll also be thinking about Jeremy Powers, who Sal and I have picked as our 2008 World’s darling for the men’s race.  He recently referenced this NY Times article about the effect of music on training. It’s an interesting article that basically backs up a bunch of stuff I already knew about music and motivation.

I was tickled to see "Mr. Brightside" referenced specifically, as I am obsessively (to the point of sickness) addicted to that song.  The fact that it has a BPM of 150 makes a lot of sense as I’m usually happiest when working in the 150+ HR zone.  I love how Rihanna recommends her own songs, too.  Homegirl has no shame.  (Who would with an ass like that?)  Ok, I digress.

I’ve been a Powers fan since watching this video of him schooling us in the art of the barrier bunny-hop:


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  1. I have just read a pieace on Compton, and she says she is off the bike right now due to some sort of muscle disorder, no more detail than that!

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