In Which We Race From the Back

It’s a catch-up post. And here’s all the catching up that’s fit to post:

Doctors sometimes are wrong. MRI’s are rarely wrong.

The doctors said something important torn, but the truth was I only had a micro-fracture.


I waited. I rode. I healed.

A man named Vince at Northlake Physical Therapy fixed me with electricity, ice, exercises and sheer determination of his incredibly positive nature. He’s gold, man. I owe him.

I’m good now though I lost a step.
I’m good now though running through sand still doesn’t feel very good.
I’m good now though I dropped my chain today and had to claw my way back through the field.

This is cyclocross – it comes with all these variables. Good and bad things happen. You keep pedaling.
Good and bad people happen. You keep pedaling.

In other news, life also happens. A long-lost cousin dies of cancer and though you probably have no real reason to, you feel the disturbance in the force. You shudder a little bit because he was in his early 40s and he left behind a wife and kids. You feel it.

I’m working too much now. I wake up in the morning and ride from 6-8, work from 9-6, write from 7-10. Sleep like dead. Repeat.
I’m taking a machete to things now – hacking back the excess to get a clear view forward. Make a little breathing room. Find a little quiet.

Mostly I just want to race my bike.
I found a little anger to work with and I’m nursing it.
I’d cut somebody to get a few days of solid rain.

When it comes I’ll be ready. Let’s slide and attack and charge and flail a little bit.
Life’s messy but mud is pure.

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  1. Glad you are back. So you lost a step…so what. You’re still so many steps ahead of so many other people. It doesn’t matter. You’re back!

  2. Interestingly, after my own misdiagnosis based on MRI, I found out that MRIs are in fact frequently wrong when used to diagnose things like meniscus tears. Love how they tell you that, eh?

    The vid of my scope is accompanied by a recording of my surgeon saying “oh, it’s actually fine. Well, I feel sorta bad about that. We’re done here.” No one felt bad enough about this to forgive me the $5000 it cost to have a camera shoved into my knee to discover the MRI interpretation was wrong, however.

    I’m very glad for you that you learned about your misdiagnosis before embarking on a long, fruitless, and painful surgical procedure!

  3. “Life’s messy but mud is pure.”

    Beautiful summation. Great post. Glad to see you up and at ‘em on the Hillsboro course, and glad to hear your injury wasn’t as serious as initially thought.
    Cheers –Beth

  4. Great to hear those Doc’s were wrong about your knee and thjat you got out and killed it!

    Sorry to hear about your cousin. We all feel a little bit when we hear of news like that. ‘There but for the grace of God’…

    Keep hacking with that Machete, simplify simplyfy simplify I keep telling myself.

  5. It was good to see you back on the bike these past few weekends. Glad you’re healing/healed up well.

  6. Hang in there, the bone bruise (microfracture) may ache for months!!

  7. Excellent, you’re back on your bike! Glad to hear you’re healing and feeling better. Keep up the ‘cross!


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