Interbike 2009: Off to the Land of Booth Girls

Why are there pictures of hot chicks in the Interbike post? Why, because all of the lunkheads in this male-dominated industry can’t seem to think of anything more creative than putting a couple of hot booth girls in silly outfits and/or silver skinsuits. Which is not to say I have anything against booth girls (the tactic must be effective because it’s employed year after year without fail – seriously, Google “Interbike images” and there are at least as many hot chick pictures as hot bike pictures), it’s just to say, “Really? That’s all you can think of?  Seriously?”

I digress.  Booth girls are part of the deal and I am fully prepared to tweet pictures of the super hott ones. Fair warning, I am probably not going to choose the ones with corsets and baskets (sigh).

The Big Show is next week and Sal and I are packing up our bags and heading over to the Land of Sin and Bicycles. Interbike 2008 was my first introduction to both the show and the town and suffice it to say that it was more than a little overwhelming (and probably, possibly equally as amazing).

If any of you out there are going to be in Vegas and would like to try to hook at some point, leave a comment or check the contact form to grab my email. I’ve already talked to most PDX-based bike people (I think) but I have a sneaking suspicion that there are some non-Portland sleepers out there.

Ride ‘em Pony

We’ll be rollin’ the latest and greatest road and mountain bikes all day Monday and Tuesday so keep your eye on the Tweet-station for eye-candy and lusty updates about Italian carbon crushes. Monday night we plan to kick it with the kids over at Chris King for a lip-smacking barbeque and chance to see Chris DiStefano wearing an apron. (Per usual, Chris King himself will be cooking!)

It’s a Big, Big Floor

Wednesday and Thursday will be worky-workerson days on the big showroom floor. I will be spending some quality time with Wend Magazine’s ad rep (more on that later) and the latest addition to Veloforma’s new managerial Dream Team (more on that later, too), Greg Hudson.

I will try hard not to throw-up at the sheer SHININESS of everything in that massive space. If I do throw up, I will ask Greg or John (or Sal) to hold my hair.

Cross Vegas and a Celebration of Sport

My favorite part of Interbike last year was definitely Cross Vegas. Twinkly lights, yummy spandex-pros, crazy-assed announcers, and a Vegas-sized party pressed up against the snow fencing screaming at Lance Armstrong to ride faster. (I hear that guy is going to show up again this year – sweet!)

We plan to chase the giddiness of Cross Vegas with a shot of Rapha at the “Celebration of Sport” after-party they are hosting. (See details here and here.)

It’s not about the bikes

I’ve been working hard lately to avoid Bicycle Poisoning (which is like alcohol poisoning except instead of making you eat charcoal they feed you mud and embrocation). Bicycle Poisoning is the result of too much bike shit all the time.

Many people in Portland, Oregon suffer from it without even knowing it. I have cleverly self-diagnosed and plan to counter the effects of the Interbike Bicycle Black Hole by snuggling up in the yum-a-licious sheets on a kick-ass hotel bed.  I love me some hotel bed, sure do. There will probably be some breakfast room service happening there too, but only if my nickel slots pay out but good.

Big money!

Seriously though, what’s Vegas if you don’t kill a 9am bloody mary or two (those are healthy, right?  Vegetables?)  There will be some partying. How much of it makes it to the internets is TBD.

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  1. Hey Heidi
    Speaking for the peeps at Projekt Creative, I hope we’re able to meet in person at some point Wed or me!

  2. Get your press pass out this year, Heidi, Cross Vegas is charging admission.

  3. You should think yourself lucky – if lucky is really the word I’m reaching for here. Eurobike features booth girls completely topless, save for a thin layer of body paint.

    I always say you can tell the Scotsmen in the crowd (of which I am one) as we are the ones standing a respectful half mile away trying not to look at them! The continental Europeans, having a more relaxed attitude to nudity, seem more than happy to ogle and have their photos taken with them.

    I agree, though. I’ve never quite understood the correlation; ‘no, sorry, I’m not really that interested in your product…oh, you have a hot, naked chick on the stand? Ok, let me get my credit card?”


  4. Heidi have a blast, and remember what happens in Vegas…Blog and tweet about it so the rest of us can live it!

  5. Is there an antidote for Bicycle Poisoning? Ipecac? – I totally hear you on this one; it’s part of why I disappear from Portland racing for 8 months out of the year.

    Maybe I’ll run into you in Vegas! Have a blast! Don’t puke!

  6. Heidi, Love your articles, I am after years of thinking about it, going to try Cyclocross this year!…………aaaakkk
    If you are at interbike can you check the Ridley Booth about how I can get a Ridley Baseball cap? I have e-mailed the company but have had no luck. just wondering. Thanks PC

  7. The only booth babes I’ve had in my Interbike booth have been my wife and daughters. And they’ve always been dressed “Business Casual.” Of course, my booth has something very few others do – fresh brewed, freshly roasted organic coffee.

    Sadly we won’t be there this year. Recent back surgery makes it impossible to travel, so we’re sitting this one out.

    Have a great time in Vegas!

  8. We did not make the “short-list” for Interbike tix this year.
    Hope to make it next year.
    Keep the really hot booth babe pix coming!

  9. …and the prize for not getting the point goes to Jerome!!!1!11!!!eleventy!

    The London Cycle Show this year was refreshingly booth babe free. Came here from Twitter, like the blog.


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