Internet Machete: Silicon Lips and Hot Dates

I went into the internet jungle with a big knife and cut you down some cool shit.

Wield These at Next Weird Bike-Networking Function

Weird, useful and green bike facts.

Zinester’s Guide to Portland (and beyond)

This Zinester’s Guide to Portland by Microcosm Publishing is rife with little typos and adorable spelling errors. Get over yourself and stop being such a proof-reading asshole and get into the fact that it does indeed cover some of the more obscure, amazing, cheap and just-plain-ridiculous stuff in the town of Funemployment. I got into this book after using the hell out of the A New York version. A similarly quirky resource: Hidden Portland by Carye Bye.

There’s a Man in My Dictionary

Awesome and affordable bike art. Dapper man on a bike. I’m a sucker for art on dictionary pages, what can I say:

Rock the Rainbow

You know you love the 80′s. You fucking know it. I bet you wish you still had a perm. Rock the power spandey.

Your House Isn’t Creepy Enough

These silicone lips are just plain creepy. Naturally, I want them.

DIY Health Food

These recipes are untested, but look inviting. Granola isn’t really that great for you but what the hell. Pass the Greek Yogurt and lets make some parfait magic.
Make your own granola with this recipe!
Make your own energy bars with this recipe. Substitute dark agave syrup for the Karo syrup.

The best date since senior prom

Peep this recipe for chocolate-dipped dates stuffed with spiced nuts. Yeah, I said it and I’ll say it again, CHOCOLATE DIPPED DATES STUFFED WITH SPICED NUTS. This recipe looks so intriguing and delicious, I’m pretty sure I will be fabricating it in the next week. Standby for full report. And pictures!

Beeswax if fucking amazing

Yay beeswax! (With all sorts of beneficial properties including but not limited to acting as a natural antibacterial agent.) This site has all kinds of rad recipes for whipping up our own salves. I was inspired to dig up more about beeswax when I went to Northwest Kneewarmers den of production to interview and photograph Kalli Phillips in action for the latest issue of Peloton Magazine.

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