Introducing Quickies

Just a little note to introduce the latest change we’ve made to the blog – Quickies!!

Sure, everyone loves a long drawn out slow-jam blog entry love session (god knows I do), but sometimes you just have to have it right now. There’s no shame in it. Sometimes I just don’t have the time to sit down and spend two hours spinning up something long and luscious. Does that mean I should be forced to deny this spontaneous passion? No!

For those moments, I bring you the Quickie category. Posts from my phone and from the moment. Real time and raw. Images, words and observations from the right now. So we can always be together. Always.

Besides, everybody loves a quickie, right?


PS: If you received the “Remote Test Post” in the daily email, I apologize – but didn’t all that Scotch look delicious? Yessir! Oh la la.



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  1. Um, why am I not getting said daily email? Help!

  2. If Twitter was called Quickies, I would probably be more excited about it….

  3. Before I hit ‘continue reading’ I was gonna post “Everyone loves a quickie”.

    You beat me too it!

    Bottoms up!

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