It’s Over! The Final Race Report for 2008

Truth be told, Sal was done before this weekend started.  His heart was not in it.  He wanted to sleep in and make pancakes and snuggle with the cats.

Instead, we got up at the crack of dawn in 29 degree frost and set up tents.  We raced bikes and/or got caught up in crashes and attacked by trees.

The knot on my head is hard and stubborn, but slowly receding. I’m recovering and breathing deeply.

The final cyclocross race report is up over at my Wend home.

Fading Cowbells,


When I hit it, I am not prepared for the sound of my skull against wood.  I expect to hit my helmet.  But I don’t do anything half-assed.  I don’t fall and hit my helmet like your average schmuck. No – I go straight for the head.  Never-mind that the helmet covers most of the skull.  I find a way to get some good skull-on-wood action.

Just above and behind my left ear, to be exact.  Just under the bottom of the helmet.

Don’t ask me how I did it, because I wouldn’t be able to do it again if I tried.

One moment I’m on the bike and the next moment, I’m on the ground.  My legs are still wrapped around the frame, feet clipped in.  I’m lying on my side, holding my head.

My friend Beth rounds the corner.  Beth is known for a few things – strong like ox on bike, good like angel in heart, dirty like potty in mouth.  She is not known for her emergency preparedness or first-aid analysis.

Even still, she handles my tree fiasco like a champ.

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  1. Heidi, that was perhaps not a good idea but I can’t say I wouldn’t have done exactly the same thing. Okay, yeah, I would have done it too.

    Thanks for all the great race reports this year, taking us along with you on the wild roller coaster ride that is cyclocross.

    Have a safe winter. Get healthy, ride lots, and for God’s sake, try not to kill any more animals.

  2. I’ll try, Erik! But rabbit stew is so delicious on a cold, winter evening…

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