It’s Such a Perfect Day

I’m glad I shared it with you.

We rode heavy bikes with racks and mostly permanent fenders.
We wore old jerseys and carried too many cameras.
We found our friend, Mike Davis, and followed his wheel. Then he followed ours.
We climbed and descended (Davis goes downhill at breathtaking rates).

I met Art, who reads my column in the newspaper. He climbs at a surprising clip for a man in his 70s.
Art said, “I love you! You keep doing what you’re doing, Heidi Swift.”
A little part of realized that I need to hear that sometimes. A little validation goes a long way.

We stopped at a city park and ate cookies.
We stopped a school and ate a sandwich.
We stopped at a winery and ate a cupcake.
At the end of the day, we went to a community center where Chris King staffers turned into restauranteers and served up a dinner to behold.
I took a picture of King behind a wok. Under the tents where they were cooking, the temperatures must have been in the triple digits.
People ran to and fro (chicken shit crazy as my dad would say) but back in the dining room, everything went smoothly.

I drank wine.
You drank beer.
Art and I chatted and marveled at how we were able to fit dessert into our bellies, even when it seemed impossible.
You let me fall asleep in the passenger’s seat on the way home.
I dreamed of sunny farm roads and blueberry stands.



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  1. Kudos, keep doing what you are doing :-)
    Great pictures, want to ride there too..

  2. Wonderful! A perfect day indeed, and perfectly conveyed with simplicity…

  3. LOVE the cookie-face!
    Sounds like a beautiful ride, thanks for the report.

  4. HerBFyfielD

    What a sweet little ode, colors captured, sun burnt..

  5. “A little validation goes a long way.”

    When I read your blog and Tumblr page I remember how happy I am to ride bike and, really, to just be alive. Seriously, keep doing what you’re doing. Your energy and spirit are infectious.

  6. Love Story. Love.

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