Just in Time for the Holidays: A Free Cookbook Full of Healthy Desserts!


You read me right.

John Berardi, the guy behind the Precision Nutrition plan that I like so much, has a free eBook available for download and it’s crammed full of desserts recipes that are so healthy it’s stupid. That makes Heidi happy heading into the Dessert Landmine that is December. 

You can pick up the book here:  Git me some gol’ dern’ desserts!

Another great resource during this time of year is the Precision Nutrition online forums where you can:

  • Read over 39,000 posts of every nutrition topic you can think of
  • Read blog entries and updates by John Berardi and other PN experts
  • Check out the exercise database with high resolution video demonstrations of over 450 exercises

Finally, you can get the free eBook, Precision Nutrition Strategies, which gives a topline overview of critical PN strategies. 

I find Berardi’s material incredibly useful and motivating during these more challenging times of year and these resources mean you can cash in on some of his nuggets for my favorite price: free ninety nine.

Speaking of the holidays, it’s almost New Years, and I’m cooking up my 2008 goals.  Time to start thinking about what you’d like to aim for in the coming year.  As you begin this process, remember the SMART Goals formula:


I’ll be talking more about goal setting and goal setting strategies in the next few weeks.  For now, check out Berardi’s free nutrition resources and enjoy the holiday madness that’s sure to ensue.

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  1. Heads up:

    The chocolate ricotta recipe came out rubbery for me. Maybe because I didn’t use enough ricotta (or maybe less protein powder is needed, really), but still it came out tasting like dried up dookie. And it does not refrigerate at all. Or maintain any moisture or fluffiness or anything overnight.

    Bummer squared, dude.

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