Just When You Thought Cyclocross Was Gone Forever…

It comes back.

Actually, the season is only over for lowly newbies like myself.  The big-kids are still going strong. 

The point of this blog is to focus on the "everyman and woman", not the hot-shots, so I don’t generally spend a lot of time covering pro news, but it’s worth mentioning that local crusher Sue Butler just won the National Title in the 35-39 division. 

That rocks.

As a woman in this sport, it is so cool to have elite, national level racers living just around the corner from me (I’m sure she’s around here somewhere!).  I can run into these people at the coffee shop or in the grocery store.  They’re real.  And they’re really down-to-earth to boot. 

Congratulations to Sue!  Way to represent!

As I was cruising around reading news from Nats, I also ran into this superb video, posted over at Mud, Sweat, and Gears.  It’s very well done and does a pretty good job of accurately capturing what it is about ‘cross that makes us so crazy.  Full of classic one-liners like, "This isn’t for normal people." and "It’s a weird culture. It’s kind of like ice fishing." it is not to be missed!


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  1. Just stopping by to say hello… and that I enjoy the new-ish site!

  2. I like it! more buzzed guy interviews

  3. Like ice fishing? OK. Never been. But cool. Missed that line when I was reading your post, but it was totally funny hearing him say it out loud. And the video makes me miss CCX a teeny tiny bit, even though I’m super happy to be sleeping in on my Sundays again.

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