Kale Krazy: Roasty Toasty Roughage

Yesterday’s kale post opened my eyes to the bountiful Kale Love that exists in the world.  I was so happy that I spent the day in a sundress skipping through overexposed kale fields with white light wrapping around me, singing kale songs.

Then I came home and found two sweet recommendations.

The Hen Waller (a great blog by friend, talented designer, and chicken expert Patrick) came out swinging with a link (via Twitter – follow me, it’s fun!) to this fantastic Savory Bread Pudding with Winter Greens recipe.

The recipe called for roasting the kale, which got me thinking…

Cue to long-time blog reader Michael (aka MtMann) dropping his favorite roasting method into the comments.

That was the tipping point.  I had to try it.  I literally walked away from the computer straight into the kitchen and starting cutting my kale into strips.  The result?  Unreal. Really.  I don’t know how else to put it.

A little crispy.  Nice and light.  An excellent earthy, roasted flavor.

I shot off a string of photos and then ate the whole batch.

Here’s how I did it:

  1. Cut kale into very narrow strips (almost shredded).
  2. Toss with 1tbsp olive oil to coat.
  3. Spread evenly over a baking sheet and put into an oven that it pre-heated to 375.
  4. After about 5 minutes (keep your eye on them, they’ll begin to wilt a little) remove, turn all the greens over and return to oven.
  5. Roast for another 5-7 minutes just until it starts to get a little crispy.
  6. Toss with sea salt (I used my favorite Oak-Smoked Chardonnay Sea-Salt because I am all about the sea-salt trend, yo)
  7. Enjoy!

Super easy, stupid-simple and seriously savory.  This is going to become a regular snack around here for sure.

As scary-good as kale is for your health, you should give it a shot, too.  You may even be able to convert some non-believers.

Thanks to Patrick and Michael for the roasting tip!  There were a few other recipes mentioned that I plan to try in the next few weeks. Stay tuned, Kale Komandos.

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  1. oh i’ve been wanting to try patrick’s savory bread pudding. must do that soon. and we’re big fans of the crispy roasted kale chips around here. mmmm. kale.

  2. Oh man, I’m going to have to make this. By the way, if you like kale, you might try this: http://theuffda.wordpress.com/2009/02/07/the-cooking-arsenal/

  3. Great recipe. I am a big fan of kale, but I like it raw—it is amazingly tender if you ‘massage’ it, which is a raw food technique where you cut up the kale in strips, add lemon juice, salt, and olive oil and literally massage the kale with your hands for a minute or so. The acids and oil break down the kale so that it is more tender and easily digestible, yet still amazingly nutritious.



  4. Just tried this… this is a whole new world of kale… roasting it makes it thin, and crispy, and thus delicious. A bit of balsamic vinegar, some shallots, and I got me some good eatin’.

    Next time, however, I shall not roast so much. Some pieces were a tad bitter.

    Thanks Heids!


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