Keep Portland Glorious: 9th and Sherrett

We have a big ride planned for tomorrow so we go out early in the morning for a short spin just to remind the muscles how to make the bike move forward.

Sal opens it up on Springwater, per usual, and I suck wheel like a champ. There’s a chill to the morning, but the sky withholds nothing: it is going to be a perfect day.  I get the feeling of a happy cyclist who is riding, not training.

Connecting to the Springwater in Sellwood has gotten trickier lately with all the construction.  Typically, I turn off of Umatilla at 13th, then take Sherrett to get across 17th and over to 19th where I can pick up the trail again.  The construction has been moving east, so today we were forced to turn right on 9th instead.

It turned out to be a brilliant detour.

The intersection of 9th and Sherrett is the location of a Community Demonstration Project.  On the Southest corner there is a cool handmade counter topped by an umbrella with multi-colored streamers blowing in the wind.  This is "T-Station", a place to stop, relax, and have a cup of tea.  All of the other corners feature displays: Sellwood history, a "trading post" for neighbors to exchange goods, and an arts-and-crafts area.

It is quiet when we roll through at 6:30 in the morning and we revel in the colorful moment to ourselves, surrounded by one of Portland’s amazing community wonders.

What a town.  What a ride.

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  1. Since the construction began I take a different route through there every time. Next time I’m taking Sherrett.


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