Ladies Auxiliary ‘Cross Skinsuits – Get ‘em While They’re Hot!

Available for the next three days only (accepting order through Monday 8am), I give you the Ladies Auxiliarysuper ninja-fied skinsuit of death!

(hey, did I mention that I started a women’s cross team with Natalie Ramsland of Sweetpea Bicycles? I did! It’s rad! It’s so fun! More on that later.)

These Castelli speedsuits are OH-LA-LA luscious and have been featured by Cyclocross Magazine and Bike Rumor. They’re made with a slightly taller torso to accommodate the running and jumping required by cross.

Fact: Skinsuits give a rider an additional 10watts of power. Minimum.

Fact: This is a special edition, super ninja-fied suit of honor.

Fact: This skinsuit is so fucking fast it is, in fact, called a Speedsuit.

Fact: You will look stunning. You will pedal with fury. You will own the universe.

I have an Upper Echelon custom speedsuit and I’ll be honest: LOVE AT FIRST SQUEEZE! Really!

Shiny and slick and smooth and soooooo comfortable.

I put it on right away when I got it. Then hung out in my bedroom in it for a while, just for fun (please note: These are the Upper Echelon suits! Not the Ladies Aux suits!):

Then I went in my backyard and embarrassed myself (one of my favorite things to do) by wearing it while attempting to do tricks on my vintage circus bike:

This is the first run of speedsuits for my new women’s cyclocross team, The Ladies Auxiliary so I can’t show you what these look like in real life yet, but you can see from the art – they’re gonna be fast and furious and flattering.

We’re opening sales up to the general public just in case there are any amazing women out there who need a cozy, speedy suit to fly around in this fall. Just trying to spread a little Auxiliary love! Turnaround is approximately 2.5 weeks.

Cost is $145 + shipping. Want one? Email me asap. The order goes in first thing Monday morning.


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  1. Can I tell you just how in love I am with the whole kit? They are fantastic and now that I know you are behind it it makes total sense. They are so awesome in fact that it almost makes me want to get over my fears and ride cross. Almost, not quite!

  2. Paula! If at any moment you change your mind, we would welcome you with open arms! We would also train you in ‘cross ninja ways, to help you overcome these silly fears you speak of!

  3. caitlindale

    are you going to be doing another run of these? i’m super into them, but money-wise shouldn’t jump on the bandwagon just yet.

    • Just for you, lovely lady, we will! But it probably won’t be until next cross season since these are cross specific and they’ll arrive just in time for the meaty part of the 2010 season!

  4. The Upper Echelon kit looks better :)

  5. We’ll see about that.
    Either way it doesn’t matter – The Ladies Auxiliary has 28 boobs. Maybe 30 by Sunday. That’s way more mammary magnificence than UEF could ever hope for, which means our kits will be better in execution regardless. The boobs make the skinsuit, dude.
    Besides, no one on UEF brings cookies to the races.

  6. CiaraStar

    What’s the smallest size? I’m a junior racer in Eastern Washington. Can you get jerseys smaller?

    • HI Ciara the Junior Racer!
      The smallest size is an XS (I believe, I’ll double check). If you email me your height, weight and clothing size, I might be able to estimate if it’ll fitcha. We’d love to have you flying the colors in Eastern WA! My parents live in Cle Elum.
      Use the contact page to send me a note!
      For jerseys, we’ll be doing another kit order soon as there have been lots of requests. The regular kits are robin’s egg blue and black. I’ll do a post in the next week about that order, with pictures of everything.
      All clothing will be from Castelli from here on out, which is good news because their stuff is the shizzle!

      • CiaraStar

        Did you ever order more jerseys? I finally fit a XS!!

  7. Kits are hawt! Nice job, Heidi! I would totally be all over this if I wasn’t already kitted up.

  8. Ha ha ha ha love that blackmail pic!

  9. I won my first race of the season yesterday, in my Postal Service jersey. It would have been even cooler in my own race kit! I hope you can get them in small sizes. I would buy one.

    Thanks for checking…

  10. Have you already placed the order? I just started racing cross but the bike shorts/jersey action just isn’t workin’ very well.

  11. Just to make sure the other end of the spectrum is prepresented — how large does the sizing range go?

  12. oooh ninjas…

  13. Hey, you gotta name check on Embrocation Magazine!

    Holy schmoly! twice!!

    Woo hoo!!!

  14. ohhhhhh my… That is a mighty fine skin suit. Now if I just lived over there instead of way over here (Boston) what a fun team to be part of with a bonus SLICK fashionable kit. Cheers! :-)


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