Lance Shmance: You’re Kidding, Right?

I am not an Armstrong fan, but Neal Rogers just broke this story and I think it’s noteworthy if not for its relevance to our interest (if we have any!) in the professional cycling world then for its egregious sensationalism.

Then again, what’s pro cycling without a healthy dose of high-drama? 

And, as a side note, the article casually mentions that Lancey-Pants might try his hand at cyclocross.  I have to say, from a respect-for-sheer-athleticism standpoint, that could be very cool to see.

Either way, you bet your ass I’ll have my eye on Vanity Fair next month.  (Vanity Fair!?  C’mon – this is classic!)

Rumormill, over and out.

(Updated with the video mentioned in the comments!)





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  1. He’s raced cross before down in California. I remember seeing photos of him going against a guy in a Santa beard and hat.

  2. Yeah but wouldn’t it be cool if he *really* decided to race ‘cross… like, for reals?

  3. Yes I to have seen the pics check out just how smooth he is on the youtube videos!


  4. I had not heard the rumors, thanks for sharing… I’d like to see him keep pursuing the mountain biking…

  5. It appears it is not a rumor anymore…

    Lance confirmed it himself via

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