Let’s Go Shopping: Which Sorel Boots Should I Rock This Winter?

Dear Stylie Ladies and Gentleman of the Readership,

I just completed a project for Sorel boots and they’re throwing in a pair of boots to sweeten my compensation package.

Sorel has come a long way since the early days of the Caribou. (Which is, by the way, still beautiful and bulletproof – Justin Timberlake was recently seen wearing a pair on the set of his new movie.) Also, did you know they did a collaboration with Colette earlier this year? Hot shit!!

There are too many sweet styles to choose from, so I’ve narrowed it down to three and I’m asking you to help me pick a winner. These are all tall boots because, well, that’s what I need. Click through the image to visit the website and read more about each style.

You can VOTE in the poll over in the sidebar of the website. Feel free to elaborate in the comments section.

Thanks for your help with this agonizing and extremely important life decision ; ).

**PS: I politely reserve the right to override voting results with my final decision. My whim is wild and unpredictable and it must not be repressed.  That said, I really want to know what you think, so lemee have it.

Cate the Great:

Cate the Great!

Joan of Arctic:

Oh I do love a good red sole.

Sorelli Tall Lace

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  1. I can’t quite remember how tall you are but if you’re all legs to the heavens then ‘Cate the Great’ is where you’d be bringing sexy back ;)

  2. instigateur

    Cate the Great for sure!

  3. I also say Cate the Great.

  4. I voted for the Tall Lace boots. Not a big fan of fur (real or fake) on boots. Reminds me too much of Uggs. The Tall Lace boots are awesome. Big and bulky like boots should be, but still tall and slender and leg-defining.

  5. Patrick Lee

    Cate the Great is the way to go if your massively powerful calves fit the mold. No. 2: Sorelli Tall Lace.

  6. Sorelli. Classic, not faddy.

  7. I’m voting for Joan of Arctic for the great look that will allow for loads of unseeable Cross mud to caked on the side while the shoes keep you dry and cozy.

  8. Also not a fan of the fur (it’s too hot, even in snow) so I went all practical with the “classic, not faddy”.

  9. Agree with Caroline. Love the Sorelli!

  10. Definitely the Sorelli Tall Lace. Modern and classic.

  11. Oh man, I’m more confused than when I started. Thanks, guys! : )
    All feedback very much appreciated!

  12. #2! Totally #2. It’s no contest. #2 is for you.

  13. either #1 or #2. I myself still wear (and LOVE!) my 27 yr old Caribous.

  14. cate.

  15. OMG What is wrong with these people? Hello? #2 has freakin’ FUR! And red soles. The only way you could improve it is with checkerboards. Do it. Do it.

  16. If you’re still collecting input – ? Cate. Period.

  17. EricV knows where it’s at!

    Oh, but now i’ve seen that they do it in black with a white soul… is there any negotiation on the colours?

    • Chris! There may be some room for debate on colour. I chose the brown specifically because I liked the throwback to the classic caribou colors with the little pops of brightness in the mix to make it fresh. BUT I did spend quite a while flipping between colours… I like them all!

  18. Sorelli Tall Lace all the way! they look amazing.

  19. :sigh: What is a girl to do?

    I’m gonna check out the UK stockists…

  20. Cate is my favorite. Classy (even with the fur) and better yet… the cut makes them look like faux chaps. How rad is that?

    Second is Sorelli for the calf slimming upper pattern and simple lines.

    My issue with the Joans: Boots are already chunky, why make them look chunkier? (Although they do remind me of the Russian ladies in Spies Like Us, which could be good or bad depending on how you feel about Dan Aykroyd/Chevy Chase movies from the ’80s)

  21. Cate the Great!

  22. It’s got to be the Cate the Great – have just received my stock of them and they are GORGEOUS!!!!

  23. Cate. She has style and flair, but also some timelessness. Joan is too fluffy. Sorelli is a little on the plane side, though she would be #2, for real functionality and classic looks.

  24. go cate the great. the louboutin of sorel. caribou love her long time, but is intimidated by her height and obvious intelligence. his humble beginnings, his air of rugged achievement, his functional aesthetic: can he not see that she is a lovely mirror of all his finer points, with a sassy little kick?

  25. The problem with the Sorelli Talls is that they are only rain boots. Both of the other boots are comfort rated to -25 degrees farenheit. Of the two, I think the Cates are a little more classy. Something about the immense fluff atop the Joan of Artic reminds me of a muppet character.

  26. It’s a unique design pf boots. I wish I can get one on this christmas. Nice collcetion guys. Waiting for the newest collection of sorel shoe. Don’t forget to check out my blog too :D


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