Magic Trick: Everyday Athlete turns into Grit and Glimmer

Presto change-o, alakazam!

It’s true, it’s true. The Everyday Athlete is no more.

What better day than the first of the year to launch the new site, right?

Actually, it’s not really new. It’s just like the old site put on a really hot dress and a pair of stilettos and went to the judge to have her name legally changed.

This has been in the works for a while. Everyday Athlete was growing up and out-growing. I started EA Blog on a whim a long time ago, and it’sbecome more than I could have ever imagined. I’m super stoked with where we’ve been, but even more excited about where we’ll go.

Change is hard, but hard is good. And good is invigorating. And invigorating is energizing. So I’m taking hard and good and invigorating and energizing and stampeding off into 2010 with guns blazing. It’s a new decade – let’s blow the roof off!

So what’s behind the big change? A few things.

I done been run off my land.

Well, not exactly. But I did get served a legal notice to cease and desist the use of the trademarked name “Everyday Athlete”. Whoops!

Turns out this guy in NY at Everyday Athlete Studio owns the words and he was fixin’ to open up an online store presence. Apparently, my use of his words wasn’t ideal for his business situation. I called him directly after receiving the note from his lawyer and explained that I would happily move (and had been planning to). For the record, he was very nice about the whole deal and gave me a really generous amount of time to get my ducks in a row.

But about that pre-existing plan to move…

It’s time to grow.

Bikes are great. Running is rad. Motivation is kick-ass. Fitness is a lifestyle. Nutrition is delightfully nerdy. I love all that stuff. A lot.

But there’s a lot of other stuff I like too.

I think the thing that makes us interesting human beings is our capacity to be diverse and have incredible range. I want a name, a site, and a philosophy that encompasses that value. I want to tell stories about roadtrips and families and interesting characters. I want to share photos and music and food. I’m an athlete at my core, but certainly it’s not the only thing that defines me.

Grit and Glimmer is still a blog about all those athletic pursuits, but it will also be about the other things that make life balanced and whole and brilliant.

About that name.

The Grit: Broken fingers, frost-bitten toes, bourbon adventures, off-road cycling mayhem, road racing agony, thunderstorm training runs, and a healthy dose of sailor speak.

The grit is stuck in your teeth after the first muddy cyclocross of the year. It’s the thing in your gut that gets you through six back-to-back softball games in triple digit temperatures. It’s the way your teeth smash together when you’re fighting not to get dropped up a climb. It’s the raw edge, the hard side, the fighting spirit.

The Glimmer: Tortellini overload, ass-kicking music, ridiculous cat stories, mouth-watering recipes, fashion confidential, design geek-outs, and good old-fashioned reflection. It’s the shiny parts that catch your attention and draw your eye. It’s the life stuff that makes us interesting and well-rounded.

Glimmer is a word I borrowed from Pam Houston after seeing her speak at a conference a few years back. It’s what she calls the notes she takes when she captures a little life vignette to use later in her work. It’s about moments and details and a way of communicating them. It’s about honoring small things, poignant things, language and life.

More later.

For now? Pardon our dust. We’re buffing the edges of this new set-up and I’m sure we’ll run into a few glitches. If you see anything funny, please feel free drop an email to me at heidiswift [at] gmail [dot] com.

And – if you’re so inclined – take a moment to subscribe to the new feed. The old one will still work for a long while, but subscribing to the new one will ensure that you’re up to date. It will also make you rich. (Ok, ok, maybe not, but “rich” sounds so much more compelling than “up to date” – yeah?)

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  1. I’ve been following your site for sometime somewhat quietly but, always in admiration. I love the Portland scene and am really envious that we in the UK have nothing similar, maybe I should relocate – at least then I could try some of that scrumptious looking breakfast cereal.

    I love the reasoning behind the new name suits perfectly and the image is classy, eye-catching and fresh. “It’s not really new. It’s just like the old site put on a really hot dress and a pair of stilettos and went to the judge to have her name legally changed” Sounds more like the witness protection programme to me ;)

    Anyway keep up the awesome writing, bloging, photo’s and insights. Best wishes for the [new] image and for the new year!


  2. Chris,
    Thanks so much for the comment – it’s always nice to hear from the “quiet” ones If you ever make it to Portland for a visit, be sure to drop me a line. And if I start a Chia Goodness export business, I will let you know!
    The bit about the witness protection program is priceless.

  3. I love all of it, the new name, concept, layout…everything. What I don’t love is that I didn’t get a chance to catch up with you before you left. Miss you much already.


  4. Thanks, LK – and I’m bummed we didn’t bourbon-ify before I left, too. The good news is, I might actually be able to keep up with you on one of your recovery rides when I get back, so maybe we can roll again! Yay!

    And soon will redirect back to this here site, so no more scattered email presences and checking multiple locations. The musics and pizza stories are all welcome here at GnG!

  5. I’m looking forward to all the grit and all the glimmer. And the stilettos.

    Snarkypants <—- love it!

  6. You’ve got it nailed as usual, Heidi. There’s more to these sports we love than what shows on the surface. It’s comedy and art. Suffering and joy. Family and friends. It’s a crispy slice of bacon in the morning and a cold one at the end of the day.

    Reinvent, move forward with purpose.

    Dig it.

  7. Love the new digs! I came across a few old favorite posts while cruising around the new site. Love the layout — functional and pretty.

    Hope AZ is treating you well. I’m jealous. And I hope to see you for some mountain biking when the sun returns to Oregon.

  8. Carlo Delumpa

    Bravo, Heidi! Great move and I wish you every success!

    • Thanks, Carlo, Stephanie and Mike!
      Stephanie: MTB is on. With any luck I’ll actually be fit. :)
      Mike: “It’s a crispy slice of bacon in the morning and a cold one at the end of the day.” Brilliant. And dead one. Thanks for that.

  9. Subject line: Rolling Friction Coefficients

    Missing the old EA site but loving the new one just as much.

    Along the lines of “Grit,” on my way to running 1000 miles in 2010 can you add badasses such as myself ;-) who today pushed his 35 lb 2 1/2 year old daughter up a 20% grade that was a quarter mile long. When I got to the top I thought my head would explode. While there all I could hear was the faint pitch of an innocent child say, “what’s wrong Daddy, what are WE done?”

    So that brings me to my subject line. As I was forcing each stride all I could think about was gravity pushing against me and the rolling friction coefficient of f%^& rubber on cement. So just incase you were wondering, which I’m sure you were, the formula is: center>F = f x W/R and f = 0,01 -0,02m, whatever that F#$% that means.

    I’ll let you know when I have a “Glimmer” moment. It’s sure to be worth a posting.



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