Meet My New Boyfriend: The Wilier Cento

90-something degrees and dusty as hell.  Bootleg Canyon, Nevada.

Bikes, bikes, and more bikes.

The Interbike Outdoor Demo – a gearheads veritable Cycling Disneyland.  Sal bounced up and down appropriately and we spent the day riding bikes that begged us to take them home.

In the process I fell head-over-heels for the Wilier.  More later on our torrid affair.  For now, a picture.

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  1. Man, I wish somebody had told me at high school career day that you could have a job where you go to giant industry shows, get to play with all the cool toys, then take home a butt-load of swag. If only I’d known what joy and unfettered freedom accompanied a career as a sports columnist!

  2. Did you see their TT bike? That’s an impressive machine.

    Did you go to the party? Or is that tonight?


  3. c’mon heid, us mere mortals need more stories of the interbike extravaganza!

  4. Hey where is the Vegas race report?

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