Monday Morning Magic: The Owl Diaries

More from Mr. Hoo Hoo and his buddies: Big Big Moon, Shaggy Palm Tree, and Moody Clouds.

This doesn’t really look safe.

This is the Big Owl (there are two). On this evening about 10 days ago I chased him back and forth across the property as he flew from one tree to another in an attempt to avoid me.
Who knew owl hate could run so deep?

Tucson has cornered the market on Moody Skies.

A rare shot of both owls. Big Owl is flying in an attempt to ditch me. Small Owl watched from the high wire.

And then there was last night…
Dan’s Aunt Marty says, “When the mountains are pink, it’s time for a drink.”
I’m totally on board with that.
Here’s a good example of what signals cocktail hour:

This is the Small Owl:

He let me get right up in his grill for about 5 minutes before he got agitated by the incessant shutter.

“Seriously? More?”

“I’m outa here.”

“So fast you can’t even shoot this, sucker!”

“Eat my tail-feathers Annoying Camera Lady.”

Clouds to the south got all huffy.

This is the view down the driveway.
About three times a week we point the bikes toward those hills and roll.

The barely perceptible road that starts in the bottom left of this frame is the start of the climb up Lemmon.

This is to the east. Lots of dirt roads out that way that need me to come exploring.
Too much great riding for two months, I smell a longer stay in 2011.



PS: I’m extending the Haiti donation giveaway by one week, so you still have until Friday to comment and throw your favorite charity into the ring.

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  1. Great shots. Beautiful country and cloud shots but as an enthusiastic bird photographer I love the owl shots.
    As an enthusiastic bird shooter I have thousands of part and departing bird shots too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful shots! I love the owl pic’s. Thanks for brightening my day. :)

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