Monkey Swing Video: Chockstone Climbing Guide Pulls a Tarzan

Sal and I had the distinct pleasure of rock climbing at Smith Rock with Jim Ablao of Chockstone Climbing last weekend (photos and story imminent).

While we were busy scampering and shaking like leaves on big, tall pieces of rock, Jim entertained us with stories, history, fun facts and general instruction.

We were taking a break from climbing “Lichen It!” (.8) on the Cinnamon Slab when he pulled out his Flip Video Camera and showed us this amazing video of a huge jump/swing across the East face of “the Monkey” (a famous rock formation in Smith Rock State Park). It scared the bejeezuz out of me and Sal (I don’t think you’ll ever see me jumping off a cliff even if I am attached by a rope), but I have to admit, it did look pretty fun.

Check it out and then go jump off into your big, bad Monday.


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  1. When I show things like this to Jess, she says to me, “DON’T GET ANY IDEAS!” For once, she doesn’t have to worry. That is some crazy shit! Fun to watch though.

  2. There’s a feeling of fear I get when climbing. This video is like that, times a million. And I’m just sitting in my chair. Wow.

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