Mountain Biking for Runners

Long stretch of muddy barely rideable singletrack.  Happy mountain bikers at the bottom.

Then me.  Running to join them.  Shouldering a mountain bike is fairly uncomfortable, but I can still get a good little clip going.

"I like the running parts." I tell my Corvallis based hosts.

"You are supposed to be riding!" 

"I am riding.  When do we get to go uphill again?"

Stephanie rolls her eyes.  "You are so weird."

In my defense, I’m not really that weird.  Just lacking technical skills is all. It probably didn’t help that I forgot to unlock my front fork and rode rigid for about three and a half hours before I realized my folly.

People – my forearms hurt!

On the upside, this pre-ride of the upcoming Test of Endurance course (or at least a large portion of it) revealed exciting information:

  1. The death plague did not totally wipe out all my fitness.
  2. I’m getting better with the knobbies.
  3. I can sit on the bike for 5 hours these days without thinking twice.

Sure, after climbing almost 4000 feet, my legs were pretty fried. In fact, I had leg shake so bad toward the end that I was beginning to wonder if I was going to make it back.  If anything is an indication of a good ride, then that’s it.

And this was by far the best mountain biking outing that I’ve had (my fifth!) since I proposed to learn the stupid sport.  I even put the visor on my helmet for chrissakes. 

More than anything, a long ride with friends reset my motivation and realigned my intention.  I want to ride for fun, with people that I love, in places that are beautiful. 

And if I get to run a little in the middle?  Double bonus.





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  1. holy crap! you’re doing the TOE???? You’re so bad ass, I think I would die. I can’t concentrate that long on single track yet.

    We need to go mountain biking! Can’t this weekend…maybe next Sunday (june 8th) ?

  2. Ha! No TOE for me! We were pre-riding with a lady who is bad-asser than I am. I have to admit, pre-riding the course made it really tempting though. I’m out of town on the 8th but soon!

  3. Loved the ride. Loved that you could join us.
    And I can’t wait for round two ;)

  4. Guy Smith

    Form looks great! Good to see that you are back at it. What is this T.OE.? My last MTB ride I wore the whole Crossniacs kit! Hammering hills, jumping logs the free riders were heckling me to no end, but what a blast, and what a great workout, Keep it up great stuff!

  5. I know nothing about the sport but I have to agree with the above comments. You are a total bad ass and a total inspiration.

  6. Umm… Heidi, you are weird- but that’s what makes you awesome. :D

  7. mike kender

    Miss Heidi,

    You MUST come out on one of the PV mountain bike rides. BTW, I’ve been riding the cross bike because I must.

  8. Hello. I come from 1992.

    As we say in my time: “If you ain’t hikin’ you ain’t mountain bikin’.”

    I am astounded by the over-complicated off-road bicycles you have here in 2006. Here in 1992 we are currently striving for a 20-lb mountain bike. I see that most 2008 mountain bikes tip the scales at 30-lbs!

    Oh that hurts my back just thinking about it!

    Happy trails to you!

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