NiteRider Delivers: Classy Service From the Leader in Bike Lighting

With the year’s longest days upon us, most people aren’t thinking about their bike lights, but the ample daylight provided the perfect opportunity to fix my ailing NiteRider MiNewt. I don’t actually need it, so I can bear the thought of sending it away for the RMA process.

The MiNewt died a peaceful death in its sleep in late February. One day it worked, the next day it didn’t.  I’d had it for a little over 2 years.  It’s been my companion on many a commute, early-morning insanity workout, and late night bar outing. It’s small, light, and bright as hell.  I love it.

I rushed it down to River City Bicycles, where I’d purchased it, immediately.  Alex had a look at it and determined that it was, indeed, dead dead dead.  He advised me to contact NiteRider to see how they could help.

I had no documentation, no receipt, no warranty paper.  Nothing.  But I did have a flat-lining light that cost roughly $200. These things are supposed to last for a long time.  Certainly more than two years.

Calling NiteRider seemed like a big hassle, so I handed the whole project off to Sal who proclaimed: "I love the RMA process!" and happily contacted them to get a number so that he could ship the light in.

About a week later, a box came back to us.  Inside was a good-as-new light with a brand new battery.  These were the technicians comments:

Replaced battery – water corrosion
Light  – Replaced LED – Failed
Charger is good
Tossed in new o-rings

Water corrosion in Portland?  You’re kidding!

Bottom line?  The process was painless and fast, and the result was better than I could have expected. 

Cycling equipment is expensive, especially when you invest in the good stuff.  Service like this should be the industry standard. High-five to NiteRider for lighting it up!





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  1. Good to know, I have a similar light (the one with 2 lights to mount).

    My biggest equipment failures have been with HRMs… I don’t know why. I buy them at REI so I can just take them back when they break after 6 months. I once returned one to Oregon Scientific…6 weeks later I just got a brand new one. (which also broke). Ugh.

  2. Glad to hear NiteRider stands behind their products. I have one of their lighting systems from about 15 years ago. Let me tell you, the technology has really improved. With mine, the battery is the same size and shape as a small water bottle so you can stick it in one of the cages, and it must weigh five pounds! I wonder if I can ship that off to them and get them to send me one of those new-generation ones :-)

  3. Sweet. I wish getting my phone replaced had been that easy!

  4. My NiteRider MiNewt died twice this past winter, same problem. While I am glad NiteRider stands behind their products, I wish they did not have to do so as often. I was using mine every day at that point, and really missed it while it was in the hospital…

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