No Pedal Wrenches in Your Carry-On Luggage, Lady

At 4:30 in the morning, after 3 hours of sleep, I decided I definitely needed to bring my pedal wrench with me on this trip (surely there are no pedal wrenches in the bay area!).

I want you know know that TSA does not allow heavy 18″ wrenches in carry-on luggage. Who knew?

It was with great sadness that I bid adieu to my big, blue wrench this morning.  With only 15 minutes until my flight was scheduled to depart, there was no time to go back and check it in.

The security man looked at me and then looked at the wrench.

“You sure you don’t have someone seeing you off this morning that you can run back and give this to?”

“I don’t.  I’m all alone.  It’s just me and my pedals and this big scarf.”

“I hate to have you surrender this,” he looked wistfully at the wrench, “It’s an awfully nice tool.”

“I know.  Me too, but I probably should have checked before I came to the airport.  It’s my fault.”

He asked his supervisor just for good measure.  The supervisor saw the giant bludgeoning tool and laughed.  “I’m sorry.” he said.

The Original Security Guard and I looked at each other and made sad faces.  His hands were thick and strong around the blue handle.

“Goodbye, pedal wrench!” I called.

He shook his head and I turned away and ran for the gate.

I didn’t look back.

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  1. I really don’t think you should be allowed to be *this* adorable.

  2. Oh the Humanity!

  3. Just know that your wrench is in a happier place, surrounded by other wrenches, a few leatherman’s, and countless other items absurdly imprisoned. Wait, I said happier…

  4. Pedal wrenches are old school, used by old men. I don’t own a pedal wrench, and neither should you. Just use an hex wrench next time!

  5. Hey, I use a pedal wrench……oh, but wait, I am an old man :(

  6. Not all pedals allow you to use hex wrenches. Mine don’t. I have cheap platform pedals. A while back I had a very short small 15mm pedal wrench in my carry on bag. They found it, but because it was so thin, short and light, they let me keep it. I’m not sure that would fly every time though…

  7. Park Tool wrench?

  8. You are banned from the bike shop for 1 week!

  9. Oh good grief. More “security theater” from the TSA.

    You should be using a nice hex wrench. Pedro’s makes a really nice 8mm model with a lovely fat handle.

    If your pedals only have wrench flats… upgrade. :)

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