“On Point” Tomorrow with NPR, Loren Mooney and BSNYC

Further proof that running is good for you.

Got up, dragged ass to the track in the pouring rain, ticked out a workout with BFF Natalie Ramsland, fabulous frame-builder and very fast running partner (ouch!).

Checked email from the phone before driving home to find an email from NPR asking if I’d like to join Eben Weiss (Bike Snob NYC) and Loren Mooney, editor-in-chief of Bicycling Magazine, for a discussion about cycling on “On Point“.

Needless to say I drove home very calmly (no, really) and called them back.

We’ll be chatting tomorrow from 8-9am Pacific Time and it doesn’t look like our local stations have picked up the show, but you can listen online or just hang out and wait for the archives to pop up. Or you can totally ignore all of this, of course.

Mash these links for more info:

Ways to Listen

About the Show

Where you’ll find the archives once they’re up

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  1. meganc

    “Megan likes this”.

  2. Like button on the blog: need!

  3. holy crap! congratulations! knock ‘em out!

  4. You can add the Facebook “like” button to the blog, but it comes w/ implications. But you know all about that…

  5. WOW! Way to go. We’ll be tuning in for sure!

  6. Tyler c

    wow…that’s bike royalty right there. and NPR royalty…well ,sort of. But pretty fancy stuff – good luck!

  7. marinus


  8. obadiah


  9. I just squeezed out a little tear listening to you talk about our rolling community. Nice one.

  10. Hey, just listened to the show! It’s great to see more and more people getting to talk about bicycling in mainstream media, and especially local folks :)

    There were a lot of good comments made, and it struck me listening to the callers how far public perception about cycling and cyclists has to go still around the country.

    I’m happy to see discussion of bicycling issues move away from “just wear a helmet if you know what’s good for you!” to actual discussion of how we can really constructively and safely share the road space we have.


  11. Thanks, Dave. I feel like we just barely scratched the surface – but it’s a start, right?

  12. Yeah, on a show like that, you really do just hit the tip of the iceberg, but it’s still good to start discussions and maybe challenge a few of the outstanding myths that get so ingrained in public perception of issues (like the idea that ‘cyclists’ are this totally separate group of beings who don’t pay taxes or take driving tests or whatever).

    Maybe if nothing else it will peak the interest of some people and they’ll come looking at your blog and that will be what really gets them thinking about stuff, who knows :)

  13. Stephanie

    Finally had a chance to listen to the podcast. Well done, by all involved! I liked the talking points, and it was nice to hear the conversation elevated. And, I’m reminded again that I’m a lucky, lucky girl to ride my bike in this state.

  14. I caught the podcast – excellent work!


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