Nutrition Tip #2: The Sunday Ritual

This tip from John Berardi comes just in time.  Why?  Because tomorrow’s Sunday so you can apply this right away.

The Sunday Ritual is what I consider to be the key driving factor in the success or failure of my nutrition plans.  I didn’t need Berardi to tell me that I should do this, and you don’t either, but damn if the "Sunday Ritual" section of the Precision Nutrition Guide doesn’t really drive it home and make it accessible.

The Sunday Ritual is the bridge between intention (but I really want to try to eat better) and execution (I AM eating better, starting this week). In my experience planning is the single most important thing that you can do if/when you decide to start taking control of your diet.

Know what you’re going to eat and when you’re going to eat it.  And have it ready to go.  This leaves you no excuses, and little room for deviation.

I’ll be in Astoria racing the pants off my Cheerleader costume (wait, my cheerleader costume doesn’t have pants…) this Sunday afternoon but you can bet yer biffy I’ll be shopping, chopping, prepping, separating, measuring, and storing come Sunday evening.

A three-week boot camp session starts Monday so it’s time once again for what I have termed "Nutritional Lockdown".

Now for Berardi and the Sunday ritual….

Tip #2
The Sunday Ritual
by Dr. John Berardi

To ensure that good foods will be available when you need them, use the Sunday Ritual. This is performed by setting aside three hours every Sunday to write out your menu for the week, shop for the week, and prepare your meals for the week. Cook all the meat, chop all the vegetables, measure out all the yogurt and/or cottage cheese, and distribute all the powders. Have them ready and set aside so that you can grab them in the morning and bring them with you regardless of what your day holds in store for you.

This tip is sponsored by Precision Nutrition – my pick for the best nutrition and supplement resource currently available. Containing system manuals, gourmet cookbook, digital audio/video library, online membership, and more, Precision Nutrition will teach you everything you need to know to get the body you want.

PS – I’m going to tag all the Berardi tips with the tag "nutrition_tips" so you can easily find them all under that category.

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