Oh, Sweet Lovin’ Jesus

Here we go.
Here we go.

Frequent readers will recall that I often vomit before big softball tournaments. I haven’t done that in a while but I have the same feeling today.


I know I’ll be fine. I know I’ll finish. Hell, I might even be great – you never know.

Friends have reassured me that if I just hydrate enough I’ll be just fine. I remind myself that I have a runner’s body, and a runner’s mind. (“But not a runners’ gait.” Anthony reminded me yesterday. He seems to have some beef with my form. Whatever, he can’t even finish a whole ironman. What is this “half” bullshit? Pansy.)

I just saw two of the girls from the Fleet Feet Team down at Kinkos printing signs for their van. I got that pre-track-meet pit in my stomach where you see your arch rival warming up for the 2 mile and you walk to the bushes at the edge of the stadium and yack until you have a headache. I didn’t yack into the bushes outside of kinkos but I sure felt like it.

Heh. Sometimes I wish I could turn that off. I love that I’m competitive but, for the love of god, sometimes it gets the best of me.

I just reviewed my legs and realized (not sure how I missed this before) that my final leg is a steady, slow climb from the third mile on. That’s four and a half miles of slow, steady climbing. God bless my stubborn head, god bless it. It will get me through, I just know it.

Luckily, I have three very kick ass playlists to get me to the other side of this mountain – thanks to all of you! They will be in refinement process until just before departure but I will try to publish the final lists after I return.

If I’m alive.

Viva la Coast! Bring me the pain!


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