Photo Essay: Tucson Week Three

It’s hard to believe it’s been three weeks.
To be completely honest, I haven’t missed a thing (I kind of expected to by now).
Not even the cats. (Thomas, cover Uci’s ears.)

We got weather last week. A proper desert storm with rattling windows and torrential downpour and a snow level dropping to less than 4,000 feet. Miraculously, we logged 19 hours of riding and hardly encountered a raindrop. Lucky, I guess.

The storm brought angry, brooding clouds and ominous light. Snow on the peaks surrounding the valley. Crushing headwinds that made me want to quit the bike.

There are words on the way, I’m sure. But photos first.

If you’re a Facebook friend then this collection of images is old news, but I thought it might be nice to have them all in one place. All images are from my iPhone. Most are treated with CameraBag’s Helga filter.

Cold pool.

Critical delivery.

True love.

My name is not June.

Lunch break on Lemmon.

Curious white horses.

My bread and butter route. With scary clouds.

Love this crazy old road.

Open range.

Colossal Cave.

Clouds are drama queens.


My favorite wrench.

The real thing.



Crossing washes, post storm.

And, finally, more obligatory horse and donkey photos. These homeboys are my neighbors, yo.



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  1. Aha! Your iPhone photo secrets revealed at least. That’s been driving me crazy. :)

  2. Wonderful collection of photos. Camerabag is a great app. CameraKit and Photogene are my other two faves. It’s often fun to process a pic through multiple apps to get some really interesting PP results.

    • Nicholas – Agree! I have been making some sweet panos with “pano” but they don’t translate very well to the web of course. :)
      Also love TiltShiftGen every now and then when I’m feeling playful.

  3. My only reason for not changing to an iPhone was I that I was concerned about the camera quality. But these pictures are all beautiful, I know it’s not the bike it’s the engine… but now there’s nothing to stop me!

    The filter is great too gives a warm ‘obscura’ feel.

    Is your cat really called UCI???

  4. Chris,
    I think the camera on the iphone 3GS is fantastic. Do it!
    And, yes, one of my cat’s names is Uci, which is short for Ucidato, which is a type of Sicilian cookie that is “all curled up”.
    He’s fat.
    Very fat.

  5. Thanks Heidi. I’ll look out for it in the stores over here.

    Cool name for the cat, for a moment I thought maybe he was named after the Union Cycliste Internationale, not quite so cute! :)

  6. Funny, I’m in Tucson this week. I was driving down Reddington after a mountain bike ride and you can imagine my surprise when I saw Portland Velo and I think Capitol Velo jerseys headed up the hill. I didn’t recognize them but it was neat to see some familiar kits 1600 miles from home.

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