Photoglimmer: Mixtes, Heels and Wedding Daze

She called on a Tuesday.

“We’re getting married on Wednesday.”

“Jennifer, that’s tomorrow.”

“I know. 2:00pm. Can you make it?”

I made it. And so did 5 other friends. We gathered in Washington Park rose garden. The bride and groom arrived on Linus bikes. Susan had a baby blue Public, which is what she uses to get to work each day. There were other bikes, too. Bike wedding, I thought.

I brought a point-and-shoot film camera and shot three rolls. Sal held a Gerbera daisy that matched his shirt.

Three minutes after it began, the ceremony was over and we walked to a picnic table to eat miniature cupcakes and carefully concealed champagne.

All weddings should be this easy.

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  1. You and your friends have such awesome style.

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