Photoglimmer: Those Red Shoes

Standing in what politicians call Spain, looking north into what politicians call France.

Truth is, we were neither place. On top of this watchtower on our way to a mountain bike ride that would remain one of my all time favorites for years to come, we were squarely in the middle of Basque Country.

Just down below an older couple had stopped to take in the same view, opting to skip the scramble to the top of the tower.

Stretched out in front of us: France and coastline and hillside and little brown winding roads that wanted me to come find them.

Even with all this calling out to me I have to be completely honest: there were a few seconds when all I could possibly see were the lovely red shoes.


Thanks to Doug McDonald of Basque MTB for making this moment possible.

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  1. I cannot tell you how much I LOVED LOVED LOVED the Basque country and the amazing Basque people.

  2. And all I saw was the little brown dog!

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