Photos: An 85-Mile Bay Area Epic

Nothing like a big-assed bike ride to welcome you home.

San Jose to Los Gatos (over the hills via Kennedy Road), Los Gatos to Saratoga via Highway 9, up and over a few winery climbs, past Stevens Creek Down and out to Los Altos. Fast track on Foothill Expressway to Sand Hill then over to Portola and up Old La Honda.

And return.

Pan to family eating fresh pasta around a humble table. Cue the deep-fried artichoke. Add homemade wine.

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  1. [sticking my tongue out at you.]

  2. Wow!I’ve been up Old La Honda and can’t imagine doing much more than just that. Pretty pictures.

  3. Mah stomping grounds! Welcome back!

  4. Very great pictures!

  5. The first photo is a prizewinner! Technical details?

  6. Hi Raymond!
    I wager the technical details will be underwhelming but I went back and looked for you.
    I shoot grown-up photos (occasionally for money) and use bigger, grown-up cameras for those projects.
    In this case, I handed our Lumix DMC-LX3 point n shoot over to Sal, who took this shot. He’s not one for lots of buttons and calculations, so it was set to “sports mode”.
    The interesting thing is that photo could have been technically better – Sal had bumped some settings prior to shooting it and had moved the exposure so it was overexposed a full stop. If it had been set correctly, we would have lost less in the sun area. As it was, I had to work to save the shot a bit in post.
    This is what was going on in the camera when it fired: ISO 400, f2.0, 1/200.

  7. Massimo Jaboffo

    It’s amazing when I look at pictures of roads I ride regularly…so beautiful. I’ll have to stop staring at the asphalt two feet beyond my front wheel while I’m stabbing my legs on these wonderful bay area climbs :o). Try the West side Old La Honda Road coming from Hwy 84; stunning views of coastal mountains and ocean looking west (think they shot Capo Forma ad shots on this road). Thnks for the pics.

  8. gotta love early season rides in shorts and t. No leg warmers or arm.

    Lets hope for the same this weekend

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