Photos: Mary Smith Campground


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  1. Nice pics. But Folger’s instant?!? C’mon, you’re camping…

    • Ha! We have an aeropress. In fact, we had a nice french press with us. We forgot to pick up beans and when we arrived in Lewiston (the nearest town to Mary Smith) we learned that their one “good” coffeeshop was closed and all the mini-marts had was Folgers.
      You do what you gotta do.
      Besides, it was good enough for my grandpa.

  2. This is wonderful, but WHY THE HELL IS NO ONE FISHING!

    I’m just sayin.

    • Andy – that’s hilarious!
      Sal was begging me to buy a fishing pole (we don’t own one) but I refused. Now I feel bad! :)

  3. Beautiful pictures, Heidi. What camera are you using?

  4. stranger

    gorgeous pics, thanks for helping a camping stranger find an awesome looking place to try

  5. We camped there a couple nights after Mt. Shasta and loved it. I love the wheelbarrows provided for taking gear to the sites. As a side note I attended the Lewiston school house and wanted to check out the area. We had seen it years ago on a weekend without the kids. Your shots are incredibly clear.

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