Photos: The Girl that Taught Me To Dislocate Knees

Nearly 10 years ago, Wendi taught me how to dislocate a knee (it’s pretty easy, really).

So inspired was I by this new-found maiming capability that I decided to join forces with her.

That’s the short version of how I became a self-defense instructor.

The long version has lots more to do with just how very much I love this little lady and how she shines and sparkles in the world.  She’s rad. Seriously.

How lucky are we to have rad women like this in our lives? One million times lucky. Go tell some rad woman how much you fucking love her guts.

Now for previously promised photos. Wendi had a birthday back in March and I just happened to be in town. There was a party involving lots of tequila, a small dog with a mo-hawk, and an apartment full of old friends that I’d not seen in years and years and years. Also, new friends that I’d always needed to know but just hadn’t gotten around to yet.

Did I mention the mo-hawk dog? Ok, enough.

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  1. Just wanted to say great photos!

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