Portland Velo Arm-Wrestling Domination

By the end of our time at The Cycling House in Tucson, we were blown up, broke down, and just plain tired. What better way to celebrate our various victories and epic suffering than with a fiesta night out on the town?

We found ourselves holed up at a Chuy’s in one of Tucson’s 6 billion strip malls and when margaritas mixed with manliness (and wom-anliness for that matter), the result was arm-wrestling.  Cyclist style (read: every skinny-armed pansy for themselves!)

A Cycling House vs. Portland Velo tournament evolved and I am proud to say that the PV crew annihilated those skinny, punk kids. They may be getting paid to race bikes, but we can get drunk and beat them at arm-wrestling – so there!

Only one Cycling House staff member managed to pull off a victory and, in the interest of protecting the innocent, I will withhold the name of the Portland Velo crew member brought shame to the great blue and black.

I present you with the photographic evidence:

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  1. I love everyone’s faces…especially Paul’s. That’s just scary, he looks like the Hulk.

  2. Paul and Javad were crazy.

  3. Black & White shots are awesome….keep shooting and sharing!! Laughter is the language of fun.

  4. Tequila – enough said. :-)

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